“I’m an internet entrepreneur… I sell all my junk on eBay!” [Comic]

Thanks to eBay and Amazon, many people have started sell stuff online as their day jobs and earn a steady income to support their families. Then there are people who just offload all their crap onto eBay in the hopes that some idiot across the country — or world — will pick it up. Yeah, if you know what I mean then check out the following comic:


[via Joy of Tech]

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  • David

    With four young children, in our small 1,000 square foot slab foundation house, my wife has been able to sell hundreds of dollars, possibly thousands over the years, selling good products that would be suitable for yard sales, etc.

    We’ve quickly learned that a box full of “good to excellent” condition same-size children’s clothes (e.g. one lot for boys clothes size X, another lot for girls clothes size X, etc.) easily sells for $50-$80 on eBay, not including the $12 shipping fee that people also pay, so long as we provide good photos of everything with detailed descriptions, versus $0.50-$4.00 per item in a yard sale that only reaches a few interested onlookers whom are ready to wheel and deal for an even cheaper bargain on only the select few items that they’re interested in.

    So, the next time we run out of room, or we’re short on funds, especially when my wife really wants to buy something else that we can’t necessarily afford, out comes the rarely used exercise DVDs, in excellent condition of course, which many of them were previously purchased on eBay (she often makes back the original purchase price), some well sought after toys that are no longer played with, decorations that some people collect, etc., that at one time cost a good amount of money, and next thing we know, people are in a bidding war that ultimately helps us financially. One time my wife even explained the reason that we were selling a few particular items was to help pay for an Intex swimming pool for our kids, which we did get and enjoyed tremendously during the summer, all thanks to eBay.

    Although the eBay joke might apply to some, for us, it’s sometimes another means for our family to press forward during the hardships of our current economy, and at times enjoy life a little more than we ever thought possible.

    Thanks, Ashraf, for all of the many wonderful articles that have been published on your website. I have enjoyed them and have learned a lot over the years. Please keep up the good work!

  • oldtimer56

    I tried my hand at that, but the idiot never showed up…

  • hehe that’s me :)