Tornado + lightning + fire = awesome [Amazing Photo of the Day]

We have seen tornado. We have seen lightning. We have seen fire (sort of). But we haven’t yet seen tornado, lightning, and fire all in the same place at the same time. That will change… now.

The following photograph, which includes a combination of a tornado, lightning, and fire, is of Puyehue Chile on June 5, 2011. Check it out:

Of course I’m sure it isn’t awesome for the people affected by the tornado/fire/lightning, but from the comfort of my home across the pond I can say safely: damn, that is cool.

[via Facebook]

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  • Angela

    Is this image copyrighted? I am looking for something like this for a book cover

  • gtsp01

    It seams that it is not a tornado, but Puyehue volcano eruption, Chile, June 2011.

  • a simple happy man


    You could be right. But whoever’s Hand it is it is certainly putting on a good show of atmospheric pyrotechnics, so good that I’m certainly not arguing with it or about who’s it is!

  • jayesstee

    Are you sure it’s not the ‘Hand of Microsoft’ seeking out those who disparage Windows 8? Such as:
    “” and

  • a simple happy man

    What i particularly like about this photo is at thé topright near thé top of thé spout is thé Hand of God seemingly waving It’s index finger at someone!

    I can also almost hear a voice saying “Ah ah ah don’t test My patience! Look what I can do if I feel like it!”

  • harman

    Great shot including luck of photographer to capture such a moment.@Ashraf….exactly..agreed.

  • nagelfar

    Nature’s powerful combo !
    Awesome but also awe-striking …