Experiment shows “normal people” are frustrated and confused by Windows 8

Had enough Windows 8 hate to go around? Too bad, ’cause here comes more.

Self-professed geek Chris Pirillo, best known for founding the website Lockergnome, took to the streets to see how “normal people” react to Windows 8. What did he find? Let’s just say, with reactions like “whoa”, “well this is kind of funny, I’m not sure how to get out of here”, “more like a smartphone”, “why is this not like other computers”, “this is confusing”, and “why is this so complicated”, it isn’t something Microsoft wants to hear. Check it out:

If you are curious as to how Pirillo’s dad fared with Windows 8, you can view the following video:

“They trying to drive me to Mac?” LMAO!

To be fair to Microsoft, the confusion with Windows 8 in both of the above videos stemmed more from change rather than degree of difficulty. People are used to the traditional Windows desktop with the traditional Start Menu and Windows 8 doesn’t have that, particularly the Start Menu; it isn’t necessarily harder as much as it is different. And Pirillo may have gotten a different reaction had he used a tablet instead of a laptop. However, people are creatures of habit and it is very hard to break a habit that has developed for over a decade. (I myself had issues with Windows 8 when I first started using it.) Maybe history will look back at the release of Windows 8 as a brilliant move by Microsoft to move into the “post-PC era”, but currently it is looking more and more like a flop.

[via HotHardware]

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