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2014-01-06_010724Having an system optimization tool that provides more than one service can be very useful in optimizing your system. While there are a number of professional software available that can perform the task very well, Advanced SystemCare can perform some of the most common optimization functions for free… and perform them well.


 Main Functionality

Advanced SystemCare is an optimization and cleaning software that can perform a large number of functions to clean and optimize your system.

Take note Advanced SystemCare comes in two versions — Free and Pro. The following chart lists out the difference between Free and Pro:



  • 2014-01-06_011414Has multiple different tools to clean and optimize your system, including junk file cleaner, privacy cleaner, register cleaner, disk defrag, registry defrag, and malware remover
  • Privacy cleaner supports the four major browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera
  • Privacy cleaner can normally clean or clean securely using DoD 5220.22-M
  • Creates automatic backups to allow you to undo changes you make
  • Performance Monitor allows you to track system performance in real time and fix any problems faster
  • 2014-01-06_014346Turbo Boost can speed up your system to improve either your work or gaming experience
  • Scans your system for presence of malware threats
  • Fairly fast
  • Can generate a portable version of the program


  • Some tools shown in Advanced SystemCare are actually other IObit programs you must download separately, like IObit Smart Defrag, IObit Uninstaller, IObit Malware Fighter, IObit Unlocker, IObit Game Booster
  • Some features are only available in the paid Pro version: Surfing Protection, Internet Booster, “Deep Clean”, “Full Detection” for malware cleaner, AutoCare, AutoClean, AutoUpdate, and Active Optimizer
  • Large number of tools may be initially confusing to new users
  • Malware scanner isn’t as effective as mainstream products
  • Comes bundled with IObit Apps Toolbar — be sure to “Decline” during installation to avoid


Advanced SystemCare is a very useful tool for improving the performance of your system. The program comes as a package of a large number of tools that can scan for malware, defragment your hard drive, defragment the registry, clean junk files, delete privacy traces, and more.

When you first download the program, the large number of options and tools may prove confusing but don’t be overwhelmed. To start with, you can take advantage of the Simplified Mode by starting the initial scan. The Smart Scan option in the Simplified Mode provides basic scanning functions such as malware removal, fix registry errors, delete browser history, delete junk files, and provide a small boost to your internet connection.

2013-04-18_234058The Expert Mode is more useful for those who have more knowledge about computers. In this mode the interface is divided into three options:

  • The Care option performs the same Smart Scan as in the Simplified Mode but with some additional functions such as Vulnerability Fix, System Optimization, Disk Scan, and Disk Defragment.
  • The Toolbox tab provides access to a large number of tools that can be used to tune up your system. You can also create a portable version of Advanced SystemCare by clicking on the ASC Portable Version tool.
  • The Turbo Boost tab allows you to optimize your system depending on what you want to do. The Work Mode speeds up the system by turning off unnecessary services and applications while the Game Mode can be used to close down those services which you do not need to play games. You can choose which of the System, Non-Windows, and Background applications you want the program to close and thus free up additional memory to improve the system performance.

That said, I want to provide some commentary on Advanced SystemCare.

Advanced SystemCare has always had a Free and Pro version. While there have always been feature differences between Free and Pro and IObit has never really need very open about the differences, it was fairly easy to use Free/Pro. Now, however, Advanced SystemCare is so bloody convoluted. Not only is it near impossible to tell the difference between Free and Pro, but the program seemingly contradicts itself as to what features are only available in Pro (e.g. in Toolbox tab it says Registry Cleaner and Internet Booster are for Pro only but in Care tab both features are enabled in Free version). Not only that but it seems like half of the functionality shown in the Toolbox tab of Advanced SystemCare is not actually available in Advanced SystemCare — you have to download other IObit programs to get it.

I’m not saying Advanced SystemCare is a bad program. I’m saying it is bloody confusing as hell, especially if you get the Free version.

Conclusion and Download Link

Advanced SystemCare may be confusing, but it is an excellent tool that provides you with a number of functions that can optimize and clean your system. And, generally speaking, it works well. With a Free version, it is hard not to recommend; if you want some more “umph” you can upgrade to the Pro version.

If you don’t like Advanced SystemCare, there are plenty of alternatives to pick from: CCleaner, Wise Care 365 Free, Toolwiz Care, Glary Utilities, WinUtilities Free, Puran Utilities, and much more.

Price: Free, $15 Pro version

Version Reviewed: v7.1.0

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7

Download Size: 20.4MB

VirusTotal Malware Scan Results: 0/44

Portability: Yes, you can create portable version after installing it

Advanced SystemCare homepage

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  1. jmjsquared

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    (English) It is in dollars, of course.

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  2. Jairo Robson de Amorim

    Eu tenho a versão gratuita do Advacend System, e gostaria de comprar a versão Pró. A pergunta é o valor mostrado hoje é de $23,98, esse valor é em Dólar ou em Real? Obrigado

  3. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    [@JMJ] I, too, was invited to take part in the jv16 discussion. However, I got the feeling that they were thinking about making the move not out of a for-the-better-good feeling but rather because either a) they were out of ideas of where to take jv16 further or b) no longer had the resources to continue to develop jv16 (maybe the developers moved onto other things or the product is no longer profitable).

    That said, I agree with your sentiment that there seems to be an entitlement mentality on the web. I’m all for freeware and free stuff but if someone or some company makes something of value and wants to charge for it, good for them. This, of course, doesn’t include the hundreds of useless trash overpriced software that can’t do their job half as good as freeware.

    In the end, it is up to us — consumers — to decide what is worth paying for and what isn’t. And that is what we here at dotTech try to do: help people decide what is worth it and what isn’t, freeware or shareware.

  4. JMJ

    [@MikeR] Your post script implies an inside knowledge of the workings and motivations at GOTD. Are you actually privy to such knowledge or are you simply stating an outsider’s opinions?

    I agree with Jeanjean that it does not behoove GOTD to entertain Giovanni’s pointing visitors elsewhere. Each day, they promote ONE software as THE solution to some problem or need. Then, along comes our Italian Friend who clearly and definitely points out that their solution is NOT all they claim it to be. As the saying goes: ‘To the man who only has a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.’

    I think Macecraft’s hand wringing and public fretting over what to do with jv16 Power Tools are very unbecoming. As a smart 16-year old idealist, Jouni Vuorio developed and gave away his excellent utility for several years. I suspect that age, maturity and, probably, the financial needs of the adult he now is, propelled him to make jv16 a commercial product. Good for him! Like you, I was part of the community invited to “guide” the future path of his creation. I repeat here my suggestion made back then: Get paid for your creativity and hard work. Open source and free is nice… as long as mortgage, car payment, health care, orthodontia, college-tuition and vacation monies are already available. The entitlement mentality that seems to pervade much of the discussion on the Internet regarding software, music, videos and other intellectual properties is unrealistic and unsustainable. People who create things of value –tangible or otherwise– should be rewarded for their efforts.

  5. Jeanjean

    I can understand the attitude of GAOTD offering free software every day and expects in return positive or negative feedback on their use.

    If potential “testers” renounce because of the comments (sometimes denigration) of one or the other, what is the benefit of the transaction for them.
    Of course, one can add to the comment that there are other, more efficient software (and cheaper if not free) without necessarily mentioned them explicitly.
    Let us be clear, I highly appreciate the comments of Giovanni touting mostly other products, but I find it does not belong on the site of GAOTD.
    Accordingly, he must put them here!

  6. MikeR

    Ashraf’s description of Advanced System Care PRO as “an excellent tool” is a considered judgment by one who knows whereof he speaks. But it’s difficult to reconcile “excellent” with the software’s “confusing-as-hell” presentation — made worse than ever because IObit is fielding not merely two products, an ASC Free and an ASC Pro but now. . . Advanced System Care ULTIMATE.

    ‘Tis all stuff and nonsense. The founding father of all such ‘optimization’ software — Finnish developer Jouni Vuorio, who came up with jvPowerTools in the, er, last century (freeware then, but a reputable commercial product under the Macecraft banner from 2003) — is currently pondering on what to do with it (as a long, long, long-time user of the software, I’m on the list of folks who are being asked should-we-go-Open-Source-or-not-with-jvPower-Tools?)

    Short answer, jv, is why bother?

    The questionable usefulness of ‘optimization’ software in today’s computers plus the rise and rise of high-calibre freeware from an ever-growing number of well-regarded developers means that this is one market sector where the chances of turning a commercial dollar or two are diminishing by the hour. Might as well start producing screensavers for CRT monitors for all the financial return that’ll get you.

    “Excellent” or not, I can’t think of a single reason why anyone would want to bother with Advanced System Care PRO and IObit’s offensively daft licensing terms when there’s so much else out there that’s worth trying (assuming, one actually wants to risk wrecking one’s registry. . .) from alternative freeware sources like Puran, Jetclean and, especially, Toolwiz.

    * PS: I don’t think it helps anyone to perpetuate as an ongoing fact the assertion that Giovanni isn’t welcome on Giveawayoftheday. Giovanni wrote of a dismaying experience in April, 2013. It’s now January 2014. Giovanni, King of The Freebies, has been back on GAOTD for many a month — and welcomed, too.

  7. JMJ

    Generally, I stay far away from “optimization” toolkits because most do not inform the precise details of what it is they are going to do and allow me to choose whether to proceed with each and every individual action, especially with regard to Registry functions.

    I am going to give this a try ONLY because Ashraf used the word “excellent” in describing it.

    Two, similar system maintenance apps that I like are: PrivaZer http://privazer.com/ and KCleaner http://www.kcsoftwares.com/?download#SUMo

    ASIDE: Giovanni, the universally acknowledged King of Freebies, is without a doubt a great resource to us all. Any website owner should be glad to have him regularly visit and participate on his/her site. However, this is true only for those sites that are not afraid of honesty and facts, even when those honest facts may challenge whatever product/software they are selling or giving away.

    Ashraf’s SharewareOnSale (SoS) is shaking up the giveaway-site status quo by doing everything the other such sites have been doing and doing it much, much better; including providing an open, uncensored commenting functionality for its visitors. Giovanni, I suspect, is the victim of GOTD’s justified fear of becoming increasingly irrelevant due to the meteoric rise of SoS to the top of the giveaway pyramid. GOTD’s ridiculous, opaque and easily manipulated “voting” system is an indication of why people like Giovanni will never be fully appreciated or welcomed at sites like that: He provides facts –with links to those facts– which often challenge the worth and value of GOTD’s offerings. They have a vested interest in shutting him up when/if his insights shoot down their daily submission.

    Ashraf and SharewareOnSale are less likely to react in that manner for at least two reasons, as I see it: ONE, because, I think Ashraf is too confident, too proud and too committed to personal excellence to hide from true facts, even if they do not support one of his offerings; and, TWO, because, on any given day, SharewareOnSale, unlike its peers, has SO MANY offerings that visitors can find SOMETHING that suits their needs. Think about the amount of time one spends daily at one-trick-pony GOTD versus the time spent at SoS with its multiple free daily offerings, reduced-priced offerings, informative and entertaining articles and relatively uncensored comments. Ain’t no contest: SharewareOnSale is the hands down winner.

    Quoting Giovanni, “That’s my $0.0000000000000000002 worth of opinion.”

  8. Peter Hellbaum

    IObit ASC was an excellent program some versions ago, but now it’s way too heavy, slows down your system like hell and can cause big problems that force you to format your harddisk, really I don’t recommend it anymore, for sure. Notoirious GOTD spammer Ashraf seems using outdated reviews…

  9. vanierstein

    1. Greetings to both Ashraf and Giovanni,your comments and input are always HIGHLY valued,especially when mentioning Freeware or reasonably priced alternatives,( preferably Freeware.)Sorry to hear that GAOTD is putting on airs. I will look for your comments here now as well. 2. Regarding Advanced System Care- IOBit makes a good product-but……. six months ? Seems like every software dev is jumping on to the bandwagon following Adobe’s decision to go on a time-limited basis. ( 3 month,six month,one year,etc.) I,for one,do not like this turn of events,and basically will try NOTHING on a “time limited” basis.(note to devs-have you ever noticed any less downloading on time-limited software freebies ??????) Food for thought…..Thanks to everyone !!!

  10. Warb

    [@Giovanni] Keep them coming fella. Just watch them websites you link to, ha, lol.
    I also:-
    ….I lurk but rarely D/L anything from GOTD. Your input is always delightful and informative.
    ….Your comments, along with Ashraf’s, are eagerly read.
    Honestly I was surprised Giovanni could post all that he did on GOTD. GOTD is about favouring the Software of the day & it’s developers..
    Dottech is the best!

  11. mcleila


    Ditto re all Giovanni comments – main reason to check GOTD was your and Ashraf’s comments. Especially appreciate the depth of your responses. Glad to see you here – really hope you don’t disappear – and many thanks for sharing your experience and opinions with the rest of us.

  12. TomTom

    [@Giovanni]; I’m sorry to read about your experience on GAOTD. Your comments, along with Ashraf’s, are eagerly read, and, to be honest, often the only reason to read GAOTD, as I seldom actually download the featured “offer”. On the other hand, I DO often try, and quite often KEEP, the alternatives proposed by you, Ashraf, and others, so PLEASE keep on posting. As a long-time member of a computer club, I assure you that your comments are read and discussed by many others as well.
    Keep on rockin’ !

  13. Giovanni

    Other great PC tune up utilities you didn’t mention in your review, are:

    DISKMAX (==> Better than CCleaner as Junk cleaner



    Full review:


    (Portable) SLIM CLEANER – SlimWare Utilities


    Eusing Utilities

    BAIDU PC FASTER (cool brand new Giovanni’s entry)



    P.S It looks like my comments are no longer welcome on GAOTD forum…can no longer post any download link there and yesterday have been censored 3 times…so I’m afraid I won’t be there anymore.

  14. Frank D

    I’ve been using the Pro version for about 4 months and like it very much. The only tools that are disabled in the *free* version are the Registry Cleaner, the Internet Booster, Registry Defrag and the Cloned Files Scanner. I think either version is an excellent product.