“Windows 8 is the end of Windows”, says CEO of Salesforce

Marc Benioff is the CEO of Salesforce, a company that pioneered cloud-based CRM and is considered one of the leaders in today’s cloud computing market. Benioff is also the latest person to vent Windows 8 hate.

Speaking to reporters after Salesforce’s Cloudforce show in Manhattan, New York, Benioff stated:

Windows 8 is the gambit — will [CIOs] upgrade, or will they do something else? It’s the end of Windows. … Windows is irrelevant.

Windows 8 is going to make Windows irrelevant? Ouch!

To be fair to Microsoft and Windows 8, Benioff isn’t hating on Windows 8 per se. The above was said in a conversation where Benioff was remarking on the dynamics of the ever-changing technology landscape. After recalling how one of his customers told him she would not be upgrading her company to Windows 8, Benioff commented that CIOs (Chief Information Officers) of companies upgraded to Windows 7 in the past because desktops and laptops still ruled the land back then. Now consumers and businesses are more interested in smartphones and tablets than traditional computers; as such, Windows is becoming irrelevant. In other words, it isn’t necessarily Windows 8 that is making Windows irrelevant but rather smartphone and tablets are.

Of course it could be argued that Benioff was indirectly saying that Windows 8 offers nothing to counteract the pro-mobile trend, and this could be a valid argument. How ever you view his comments, they aren’t good for Microsoft.

That being said, Benioff seems to have forgotten that Windows 8 it is an excellent tablet operating system. So how Windows 8 can become irrelevant in a world that Benioff himself predicts will be dominated by smartphones and tablets is beyond me. It does serve as a nice headline, though.

[via VentureBeat, image via Wikipedia]

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  • RealBull

    Yes, I agree with you and the other person, too. I guess those people cannot imagine what it is like rubbing your finger on a pad all day…ouch! I also attach a mouse to the laptop at work.

  • Tom

    Agreed this is the end of Windows because half my clients are still on XP because they prefer XP.

    The other half like Windows 7, finally, after painful conversions from XP.

    The chances of them going to Windows 8 is slim to none, and all they want is a stable O/S to get the work out!


  • Mick

    Tablets & smartphones are part of the on-going evolution of technology.

    Whenever there is something new in tech … from railroads, telegraphs & early telephones to the latest in electronic wizardry … there’s *always* a rush to define one’s work and problems in terms of it, and this is no different.

    In time, when folks understand that tablets are a lousy way to write and calculate except in an emergency, this new furor will calm down as it has in the past. Tablets & phones will find their niche and laptops/desktops will continue as before.

    Windows 8 is a knee-jerk reaction to this technology evolution. It is a monstrously ill-thought out mess that *should* get a whole slew of folks fired, from Ballmer on down.

    Ms has faced messes in the past but Win 8 is a different kind of mess than Vista & ME because those were simple missteps of a company which understood its market but didn’t quite have the right idea. Win 8 shows that MS doesn’t have a clue.

    MS *will* recover*, but not with Ballmer. Ballmer will be fired, John Sculley-style, and Bill Gates will return, Steve Jobs-style. Will it be enough to save Windows? Yep. Bill Gates got to where he was by NOT being Steve Ballmer.

    Kind of poetic, isn’t it?

  • Philippe

    I own Desktop, lap-top, tablet and smart-phone (with keyboard). To go to the coffee shop I will use my phone or tablet, but there I just read news papers. Short travels for one to 4 days without thinking of working, my Android tablet will do very well. More that 5 days out, that would be my 17″ lap-top with MOUSE AND KEYBOARD, the keyboard is because I write mainly in French or German, => Swiss keyboard. But as soon I’m in my house/office I use my desktop with 2×22″ screens and trackball. Noway I would try to do even easy task on a tablet. I even brought back to the store my 10″ mini laptop.
    Now I may give a shot to the new Chrome book from Samsung (+/- 290. USD). But definitively, the desktop is not going to disappear from my work place.

  • Mags

    @meldasue: “No way I could do my job on a tablet.” Exactly! This neatly sums up what I have commented on in 2 other articles here. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Tablets and smartphones WILL NOT be able to replace a desktop or laptop for businesses. Marc Benioff obviously hasn’t done regular office staff daily work which is necessary to keep a business running (either small or large.)

    If he had, he wouldn’t have made those comments.

    BTW, I also find using a laptop touch pad a hindrance to daily work as it slows me down. Therefore when I use a laptop for work I attach a mouse.

  • meldasue

    No way I could do my job on a tablet. Right now, many organizations are only just switching to Windows 7 from XP, so it’ll be a while before they look at a new OS. If Windows 8 really has such a high learning curve, companies might start to look at switching to Linux. Then again, Windows 8 will have been long replaced with a new version – it’ll be like Vista, the version everyone skipped. (Personally, I like Vista fine, but then, I never had that much trouble with ME, either.)

  • Windows 8 is the best sales tool Mac has….