Bill Gates feels Microsoft Surface tablets are “unbelievably great, really amazing” (shocking!)

Some ex-executives are not shy about criticizing the company they founded. Is Bill Gates one such person? Well, for one, he isn’t an ex — he is still chairman of Microsoft. For two, in regards to the original question, I don’t know. I do know, however, Gates is not going against Microsoft on the Surface. In fact, Bill feels Surface tablets are “really amazing”.

The following is a video of Bill Gates talking about Microsoft, Windows 8, and Surface tablets. In the video Gates talks about how Microsoft is going a new direction; how Windows 8 is “a critical product”, how it “takes Windows into the world of touch and low powered devices”, and how it gives people a “PC and tablet type experience”; then he rounds out the chat by calling Microsoft Surface tablets are “really amazing”, “unbelievably great product(s)” that Bill uses “day and night, and shows it to everyone [he] meets”. Check it out:

“A tablet that you can point to things [on]”? Really, Bill?

Is it just me or does the above “interview” seem more like a 5 minute long ad than an interview? Then again, what do you expect a reporter hired by Microsoft to do (the interviewer works at Microsoft’s in-house blog Next at Microsoft)  — grill his boss on Windows 8 and Surface?

[via BGR, Next at Microsoft]

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