Apple fanboys prank Windows 8 fans, then realize Windows 8 is better than Mac [Comic]

I’m not sure if anyone has heard the news yet but, just like how people line up at Apple stores in anticipation of a new iPhone or iPad, there are people who are lining up at Microsoft stores in anticipation for Windows 8. Okay, admittedly it isn’t as bad (as good?) as Apple lines, but Microsoft lines do exist — especially in Microsoft’s Beijing store. Why am I telling you this? To prepare you for the following comic…


[via Joy of Tech]

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  • mukhi

    @Ashraf: don’t tell it to mac fanbois. they will tell you that it is mac only which can do both OSX and windows (or any other OS through boot-camp or otherwise, legally).

    i could be a mac fan indeed since i have got frustrated with windows some time before. but after apple has decided to have no blu-ray and HDMI and made many other weird decisions, i said no to macs and apple ecosystem.

  • Ashraf

    @mukhi: That is my biggest issue with Mac. Why would I literally spend thousands of dollars only to have compatibility issues? I can do the same with Linux and save myself a lot of money. I mean, yeah, it is better than a few years back but it still isn’t close to Windows.

  • mukhi

    this is practical joke, IMO. many of my mac friends “confessed” that they could not do many things in OSX that could be done in windows; therefore, they ended up installing windows in mac through boot-camp, LOL.

  • Ashraf

    @mike: The lightning connector one?
    @Tarun Vijjali: I know right? Ashraf is such a loser!

  • You are such a Windows fanboy! It makes me SICK!

  • mike

    lmao; reminds me of the app around the water cooler earlier comic. Thank you

  • ROFL