“Tabletop” mountain floats in the clouds [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Mount Roraima is a “tabletop” mountain located in South America. More specifically, Roraima is found in Venezuela’s Canaima National Park on the Guiana Shield, bordering Guyana and Brazil. Aside from its semi-unique shape (as you will see in the photo below, it is a flat mountain as opposed to the traditional peaks we think of), one of the most remarkable characteristics of Roraima is that, at an age of roughly two billion years, it is one of oldest geological formations on Earth. The other remarkable characteristic is that the mount is so high (2,810 m or 9,219 ft), the top is often covered by clouds. And that is what I want to show you today.

The following is a photo of Mount Roraima “floating in the clouds”, so to speak. Check it out:

Here is a bonus image of the mount, without the cloud cover:

[First image credit unknown, second image via Wikipedia]

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