You shouldn’t view this photo if you are scared of heights [Amazing Photo of the Day]

We have already seen the transparent balcony on the 103th floor of the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois USA. Want to see another photo from extreme heights? Then you have come to the right place.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m scared of heights so just looking at the following photo made me semi-dizzy. If you are the same way, you may want to look away. For the rest of us, check it out:

I really hope that person wasn’t pushed off.

(Anyone that wants a high resolution [1920×1080] version of the photo can purchase it for $2.99 from the credit link below.)

[Image credit: Roof Topper]

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  • jayesstee

    Not accusing you of saying “PhotoShop”, but referring (as I said) to other “Photo(s) of the Day” where there was a rash of accusers.
    Reckon your explanation/analysis is good. However achieved, a clever effective image!

  • Anak

    No where in my post did I say photoshop.

    The forced-perspective is used in hobbies (model railroading) industry (the movies) and many other interests.

    The above pix is certainly real, but the subject is sitting on a model of a building in a model city.


  • jayesstee

    I have been unhappy about posters who shout “PhotoShop” at previous “Photo(s) of the Day”, but this does look suspicious to me.  
    What (and where) is this ‘shelf’ he appears to be sitting on?
    Where is the camera?  It appears to be more than arm’s length from the subject.
    Very clever, genuine or not and to me it represents a terrible nightmare.

  • Anak

    Ashraf, this might be a “forced perspective” image between the subject (sitting on the ledge) and the background (a model of the city).

    If you zoom in on the pix and look at the city streets and sidewalks, do they look realistic?

    And, where are all the people for a city this size?

  • Peter

    The most important is not visible in this image: the “r” in the friend who keeps the photographer from falling ;-)