How not to homeschool your kids [Comic]

I was born only with a silver spoon in my mouth so I had always gone to pubic school. I’m sure some of you one percenters went to private institutions. Any dotTechie been homeschooled? If yes, I sure as heck hope you did not get an education similar to the following:

Update: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not bashing homeschooling nor am I making fun of bullying. I think homeschooling is a great way to educate your kids, and I agree that bullying is terrible. This is a comic. It is a joke. Take it like what it is — lighthearted humor.


[via Something of that Ilk]

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  • gracewithcheese

    Really? You went to PUBIC school? I guess it shows.
    Our school at home enjoyed the comic.

  • The comic is crudely funny but the “not funny” responses are even funnier IMO. Why is it that people don’t have a sense of humor? If a funny situation/story/comic touches a nerve then it’s ironic but still funny. Bullying is a problem in schools, has been since the dawn of schools and will probably still be a problem when this old world finally explodes into a billion pieces, but to take what scares us and learn to laugh at it is what creates strength to face that fear.

  • Maximus

    Not funny.

  • I thought it funny, so I had my home schooled son take a look and he laughed out loud :)

  • rebel66

    Georges St. Pierre is a French Canadian mixed martial artist and the current Welterweight Champion of the UFC. He had a difficult childhood, attending a school where others would steal his clothes and money.He started learning Kyokushin karate at age seven from his father and later from a Kyokushin Karate Master to defend himself against a school bully.

    I hate bullies, and the whole herd mentality but sometimes kids learn to stand up for themselves, develop some intestinal fortitude and learn to stand on their own, I did, my daughter did. Sometimes situations are serious, sometimes, ppl just get all butthurt about a COMIC!

  • Ashraf

    @a simple happy man: The comic is a joke, it is not making fun of bullying. Calm down.
    @a simple happy man: There is an unsub link at the bottom of every e-mail you receive. You can unsub from.

  • zingorules

    @a simple happy man:

    Personally I think this is pretty funny. To the guy who said you might have have well just asked people about their thoughts on faith and religion. What’s wrong with asking someone about their thoughts on that? Also this is a joke and he’s not asking your thoughts on anything, just sharing something that he found funny. While I am sorry that your kid is going through bullying right now that doesn’t mean you need to act pissy because a joke was posted here and yes I did read your jared story link and of course I found it sad and unjust, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t find this comic funny.

  • Riya

    I’m new to this site and its now one of my favs! Got a lot of helpful and cool stuff. So a big thanks to you guys :)

  • Riya

    I didn’t find any wrong with it cuz its just showing a dad teaching how to tackle bullying.
    And I myself.. was a bullying victim when I was a little girl(aged 8-9). I was always beaten up if I tried to do anything to save myself. But one day, it just cross the line.. I would have been dead if my friend didn’t find me at time. Since that day, I lost my fear of fights and beatings. Trained myself in some self defense and planned to get enough evidence on him. It paid off, i beat him up and was finally punished by the school authorities! I’m sure your child will overcome it. And hope you can expell the bully out of the school. If not then change the school or call the police… I hope everything works out well.

  • almostinfamous

    Looks like you aren’t doing a great job of moving heaven and earth if your kid is being bullied at school. Why don’t you teach the kids some self defense. Give him something to be proud about instead of complaining about a comic on the internet. Complaining and being uptight doesn’t get you very far in life. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer.
    I’m sorry to say but yes this is a joke, it’s not made to be taken seriously. You may not find it funny but others do and that’s what makes it a joke. Don’t think you can change the definition of a word just because you are a sour puss.

  • a simple happy man


    Firstly I’m not in the US and secondly It is NOT funny when your kid is contempating Suicide at 11 years old and has even attempted it once.

    If you still think it’s funny then do like I said and follow this link

    and see if you,re still laughing when you’ve finished reading the stories you’ll find here.

    I’m a pretty coarse kind of guy who drinks and swears and doesn’t really care what others think about me but when it comes to my kids I’ll shift heaven and earth to stop any harm coming to them and even go down on my knees and beg to keep them safe if it will help.

    This “joke” is not a joke, humourous jokes do not exploit the vulnerable and innocent who cannot defend themselves and especially do not use a perversion of a father beating up on his own kids as a reason for a laugh let alone kids being harmed in school!!!

    If you get your kicks from laughing at harm being done to kids then you are not a decent person!!!

    And yes I see the dark humour here but that is it, it is dark and ugly and has no place being broadcast to a wider audience!!!!!

  • Anonymail

    I’m sorry the last person was offended, but my sister in law home schooled her kids and I thought this was funny.
    Maybe the previous person is part of the problem with the US these days, you can’t say ANYTHING with out offending SOMEONE.
    People need to lighten up a little and remember that it’s JOKES PEOPLE!!!

  • a simple happy man

    Please inform me how I can delete my profile from your site and cancel all emails etcetera

    or please do it for me

    yours very astonished at you Ashraf!

  • a simple happy man

    Personally, and I really mean PERSONALLY, I think this one is SO NOT funny especially to people like me who’s kid is going through some real bullying at the moment and just doesn’t want to go to school or go out anywhere in case he has deal with more!

    I find dotTech great but I honestly believe you have just crossed a line here and should really take this down cos it is a very sensitive subject for people involved in this kind of thing and not very well understood why by those not involved.

    You might just as well have asked people about their thoughts on the subject of religion, faith and do they believe or not!!

    In order to help you in deciding maybe you ought to link to and read the storie here:

    Goodby and farewell until this is taken down!!!