Windows boss Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft, the world wonders why

Steven Sinofsky has been the President of Windows and Windows Live at Microsoft since July 2009. His reign has now officially ended and he is to be replaced by Microsoft veterans Julie Larson-Green and Tami Reller. As President of Windows and Windows Live, Sinofsky was responsible for a good number of Microsoft’s major products and services, such as Windows, Microsoft Office,, and Skydrive.

Why Sinofsky is leaving Microsoft after the launch of a major new operating system, we don’t really know. While AllThingsD is reporting Sinofsky is leaving due to “growing tension” with other Microsoft executives, a leaked internal e-mails has Sinofsky claiming it is a personal decision of his because he wants to “seek new opportunities”.

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, doesn’t disagree with Sinofsky on the circumstances in Sinofsky’s departure, but Ballmer’s official statement is the usual corporate brouhaha — such as how Microsoft is grateful for Sinofsky’s services over the years, how Microsoft has great product offerings, etc. — so what Ballmer says should be taken with a grain of salt.

Could this is an omen for Windows 8?

[via Engadget, image via ABC]

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  • BR

    Windows 8 is a poorly executed mash up of traditional desktop O/S with phone based features and they tried (again) to force a mix of them on users in a way that the user base doesn’t want.

    With Apple looking like it has (kind of) lost its way and Android taking over the world, I’m tempted to say “Who cares about Windows?” but then I realized I’m using it right now. MS should leave dear old Windows 7 for the desktop and added the new UI as an add-on – or at least had a single ‘toggle’ switch for desktops. Let phones use the new tile UI and be done with it.

    The average corporate type needs what “7” does, not ‘touch’ or what “8” does and the marketing wonks got in there and screwed the mix up… as usual, or else we wouldn’t have all the tools to undo the rubbish that MS have done with “8” and also to provide a Start button and so on…

  • Maybe they kicked him out because of the bad press?

  • No matter how Win8 ends, you have to give the guy and the company credit for innovating, rather than playing it safe and simply issuing an “update.”