Dropbox passes 100 million users milestone, dotTech cheers them on

A few years back Dropbox was just another cloud storage/backup startup. Now with over 100,000,000 registered users and 1,000,000,000 files being saved every day, Dropbox is the cloud storage startup.

Earlier this week Dropbox CEO Drew Houston announced there are now over 100 million registered users on Dropbox, a 200% increase since May 2012. While it should be noted that 100 million registered users does not necessarily mean 100 million active users (remember, Dropbox allows for free accounts — many people simply signup and never use it), semantics should not take away from what Dropbox has accomplished. Indeed, as Houston puts it, 100 million registered users is a important milestone:

100 million registered users is a symbol, putting us in a new category with an elite handful of companies that have ever reached that audience.

Despite the hiccups, I gotta admit Dropbox is the best cloud storage service I have ever used. So it goes without saying that dotTech is cheering them on. And apparently Houston has no intention on stopping either, stating this is just ” the first stop on a new road to a billion” and that Dropbox “Dropbox has a chance to make your phone smarter, your TV smarter, your car smarter and “be the fabric that ties everything together”. Now that would be cool (and sort of scary, too).

[via TechCrunch]

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