Internet Explorer 10 is now available for Windows 7, currently in Release Preview edition

Windows 8 comes with Internet Explorer 10. Now Windows 7 users can also enjoy a taste of Internet Explorer’s latest upgrade, Internet Explorer 10 — Microsoft has just released Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7 is, for the most part, similar to Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8. That is to say, it comes with full-screen browsing, multitouch support (if you happen to have a touchscreen, otherwise you can use a trackpad or a regular mouse), hardware acceleration, SmartScreen filter, and more.

There is no word on when Internet Explorer 10 will reach final Public Release on Windows 7 but the Release Preview is a fairly stable version, so don’t hesitate to upgrade if you want to give it a try. Take note that Internet Explorer 10 is not available for Windows Vista, XP, and lower.

Internet Explorer 10 download page

[via Engadget, image via Wikipedia]

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  • Rob (Down Under)

    Not being available for XP is a gift from God.
    If you never image your drive,
    And you don’t wish the luxury of having an OS that can survive for years, and live on, through the death of your current PC –

    For those of you that image your hard drive, did you know that you can even restore your image to a new PC, if your old PC dies.
    The trick is to do a Repair Install (NOT Recovery Console), prior to attempting to boot your OS in the new PC.
    This has worked for me with XP many times.
    I haven’t been able to do my Repair Install trick with Win 7, but that may be because the free Seagate DiscWizard cannot handle the complexity of Win 7’s partitions etc.

    Why do I tell you all of this ?
    If you have a recent version of IE in your system, then the Repair Install won’t be able to handle it. IE is embedded like a Goa’uld, and your attempts to do a Repair Install, require use of your OS Install CD. And that CD can only handle (live with) the version of IE that came with the CD.
    Has Spock would say “Your OS can live long and prosper”