Lion and tiger pose for a family portrait [Amazing Photo of the Day]

I know, I know. It must seem like I am obsessed with big cats. I’m not. I have just happened to stumbled upon interesting wild cat photos. Well, actually, today’s photo is hardly what you could call wild.

Have you ever had a family portrait taken? Did you think family portraits are only for humans? Nonsense! A lion-tiger family like their photo shoots, too, silly. Check it out:

Yes, yes — I know what you must be thinking. Not only do a lion and tiger probably not belong to the same family but the above could easily be faked in Photoshop, and, even if it is real, it doesn’t mean this is a family portrait taken in a photographer’s studio. All I have to say is to such allegations are: don’t be jealous you never had such a nice family portrait taken.

[via Facebook]

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