Try to solve this “Logic Boat” puzzle [Comic]

Today I have somewhat of a different comic to share with you. I am going to call it a logic-puzzle-comic because it is a comic… that presents you with a puzzle to solve. Think you have it in you? Then check it out below, but be warned — it isn’t that hard.

…Did you figure it out yet? The comments section is there if you need assistance!

[via xkcd]

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  • Eric989

    The skinny man should eat the cabbage but even then he would not have enough strength to keep the wolf from eating himself or the goat.
    On another note, in picture 2 the poor wolf is quite mystified by why the round cabbage is not rolling down the hill into the water.

  • Suze

    @KMHamm: Very creative solution! Thanks for the belly-laugh :)

  • Bull

    i remember this from about 27 years ago when i was in the third grade, although, the puzzle was to get ALL three across without one eating another.

    I had a teacher who loved to challenge kids. She would place some a puzzle/riddle on a blackboard and the first one to solve it would get a 2 snickers bar. Second to solve it would get 1 snickers bar. Third to solve it would get 2 jolly rancher pieces. We were allowed to eat them during class.

    She was awesome. : D

  • KMHamm

    Kill goat. Cook with cabbage (you ever tasted goat? Needs cabbage!). Share with wolf. Cross water on boat. All will be on other side. Wolf will be full and won’t eat you.

  • chinaguy

    I’m just wondering why the cabbage won’t fit in the boat if either the goat or wolf is there. I guess I always thought the cabbage was a lot bigger.

  • Prema

    wait what!!! my solution:
    1. Take goat across, leave wolf with cabbage
    2. come back alone
    3. take wolf across
    4. come back with goat
    5. leave goat and take cabbage
    6. Walk onwards…

    why would you want a goat… it eats your cabbage!!!!.

  • 1) Take Goat across, leave Wolf alone with Cabbage behind

    2) Return alone

    3) Take Cabbage across, leave Wolf behind

    4)When arriving across, leave the Cabbage there, and bring back the Goat

    5) When arriving back at origin, leave the Goat behind and take the Wolf across

    6) When arriving across, leave the Wolf alone with the Cabbage

    7) Return to origin alone

    8) On arrival, pick up the Goat, and take it across.

    9) When arriving, get off with the Goat, and all 4 are back together on the other side