Google reveals ‘Ingress’, an augmented alternate reality multiplayer game for Android

Google is looking to use the real world as the basis for Ingress, a free mobile game for Android devices. This new game, developed by Google’s app development team Niantic Labs, is an augmented reality game in which the scientists on Earth have undiscovered a new mysterious energy source. You play as either “The Enlightened” (who want to use this new energy power) or “The Resistance” (who want to preserve our old traditions and shun the new energy), battling it out to shape the future of humanity.

The catch to this game is the augmented reality portion. You see you can gain power ups, objects, tech, etc. by using your Android phone to scan real-life things. As Mashable explains it, if you were in Times Square in New York City and launched the game, it would detect that and use real life landmarks such as historical sights or museums as goals for you in the game.

The game is cooperative (essentially an MMO) — you communicate and team up with other players from around the world as you seek to fulfill objectives and missions. Everyone is on the two previously mentioned teams, “The Enlightened” or “The Resistance”. In fact, John Hanke for Niantic Labs describes it “something like World of Warcraft, where everyone in the world is playing the same game”.

The following short video demos the game:

It isn’t hard to imagine how awesome this might be with Google Glass.

Currently the game is available only on Android and is in closed beta (you must request an invite). Right now the game is free but it isn’t clear if it will continue to be free once it comes out of beta. you can hit up the links below to get started with Ingress.

Ingress homepage | Ingress on Play Store

[via Mashable, AllThingsD]

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