Google will launch its own wireless cell phone service by 2013, according to rumors

Whoa, wait a second. What do we have here? Is that Google looking to move into the wireless business? My, yes it is. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google and Dish Network are in negotiations for Google to use or acquire some or all of Dish’s wireless spectrum to launch Google’s own wireless cell phone service.

Google has not revealed any details about the negotiations and this wouldn’t be the first rumor to not pan out about a major tech company launching its own wireless network. However, Dish has confirmed it is discussing the usage of its spectrum for wireless service with a number of tech companies — it just won’t confirm or deny if Google is one of them.

Still, however, “people familiar with the discussions” are claiming Google and Dish are in preliminary talks about the possibility. The key here is preliminary — the negotiations could result to nada. Or they could see Google turn the wireless industry on its head. Who knows.

To further fuel the flames, 9to5Google is claiming they have “received word” that Google is already working on this wireless network and will roll it out by the end of 2013 (presumably in USA only, at least initially). Further, 9to5Google claims the network will be data-only (i.e. internet only). However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to call or text people — voice calls and SMS messages will be conducted with VoIP using infrastructure already in place (e.g. Google Voice).

There no word on if this will be a GSM or CDMA network.

It should be noted that while The Wall Street Journal is known for its high-quality journalism and has a fairly good track record in reporting rumors, 9to5Google’s report should be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, at the risk of being flamed as a hypocrite, I will say 9to5Google’s claim reeks of pure, unadultered blogging-for-page-views in its purest, ugliest form… especially seeing as they won’t elaborate on how or from whom they “received word”. Not to mention why would that source leak to 9to5Google (which is a fairly new and small Google-dedicated blog) versus other larger publications.

That being said, despite the questionable quality of the rumors, this is bloody exciting. We have a comments section for you to let it all out.

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