[Windows] Defragment specific files or folders instead of your whole computer with WinContig

Are you sick of how long it takes to defragment your computer? The truth is, we should all defragment our computers regularly, but most of us simply don’t ever get around to it. Well, maybe WinContig can help. This is a program that makes defragmenting your computer easier, because it allows you to defragment specific files or folders rather than the whole disk.


Main Functionality

The main propose behind WinContig is to save you time. Let’s face it; we don’t use all of the areas on our drives between defragmentations. However, that does not stop most defragmenters from “defragmenting” them anyway. Now you can avoid checking your whole disk and just defragment specific files. This leads to a quick and easy defragmentation.


  • Quickly defragment your computer by choosing specific files to defragment instead of the whole disk
  • Layout is very nicely done. You wont have to hunt for the buttons you need
  • Appeals to users of all skill levels — very straightforward
  • Not a resource hog (was able to continue to use my computer during defragmentation without any noticeable slow down)
  • Can load and save profiles
  • No installation required, completely portable


  • No “Help” feature offered. This became a problem when trying to figure out the “profile feature”


There are a number of defragmentation programs out there, but few of them let me pick and choose the areas of my computer that I want to defragment. That is the main thing that got me interested in WinContig in the first place. In the end, I was glad I tried it, because I only had one major problem with the program (we will get to that in a second).

First, this is a program that is very straightforward. If you have ever used any defragmenter, you will have no problem using this one. It was apparently made with “users of all skill levels” in mind. All of the files and options are clearly marked at the top of the screen. So you don’t have to hunt for the ‘analyze’ or ‘defragment’ buttons.

Of course, the coolest feature about WinContig is the fact that you are able to pick and choose which files you want to defragment. This is great, because not having to defragment folders that you don’t use a lot will save you time. Picking which files you want to defragment is not only easy, but it is actually a quick process. If you want to defragment the whole computer, you can do that as well.

Another thing that really impressed me with this program was the fact that I was able to continue to work on my computer without any kind of slow down. Many defragmenters I have used in the past use up so much system resources that I have to let it run its course before I can do anything else.

The program also had an interesting profile system. This also brings us to my only complaint about the program. It was not very clear on how to use this profile system. That being said, they don’t provide you with any help files on the matter. Looking around online, I see that I am not the only person who had a hard time understanding this feature. The rest of the features in the program are intuitive enough, but they really seemed to drop the ball with this “profile system”.


WinContig comes all nice and bundled in a ZIP file. Once you unpack it, you’re good to go. No instillation required. The program works fast, and it is nice to be able to choose which folders you want to defragment. If you had your heart set on using the “profile system,” don’t expect to be given a walkthrough by this program…or any help at all for that matter.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.15

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Download size: 865KB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/44

Is it portable? Yes

WinContig homepage

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  1. stilofilos


    Euhm… ? Well, for what it’s worth : strange things did happen here afterwards…
    My computer crashed twice, on 20 11 2012 (I could reanimate it, except my DVD drive and soundcard) , and then fatally on 03 12 2012.
    And three days ago, I got this registered mail from a company that I don’t know, insisting I’d pay an invoice for something I did not buy.
    (invoice dated 21 11 2012…)

    Possibly a pure coincidence. Who will tell… ?

    But many thanks for sharing the info : for me that is enough to add that IP to the blacklists in my security stuff.
    Earlier on the day of that fatal crash though, Spybot S&D had ‘congratulated’ me for a 100% clean machine …

  2. ovl


    I have a legit issue with WinContig.

    The main problem with portable apps is that you have to be careful where you download them, it may have Trojans in it, etc. They’re more for convenience than security. Portable apps still interact with the OS. Any vulnerability in a portable app can affect the system they’re plugged into. VirusTotal malware scan is a good tool, but it’s not a panacea and cannot answer all of user’s security questions.

    WinContig homepage http://wincontig.mdtzone.it/ has the IP If you check Offensive IP Database at http://www.bizimbal.com/odb/search.html, it shows that Internet Protocol was involved in Total Offensive Actions 5,367 times. Category of the Offensive action – “RFI” or Remote File Inclusion which is used by hackers to exploit vulnerabilities on any PC. RFI was among the four most prevalent Web application attacks in 2011/2012.

    Your thoughts?

  3. Horrabin

    There is a 64-bit executable in the download. It’s running right now on my 1 TB games HD which appears to be horribly fragmented. It seems to be working just fine. I like this because my primary drive is an SSD and if the games folder happened to not be the entire disc, as is the case here, I would have been able to set a defrag on just that folder. So far, all’s well.

  4. stilofilos

    Thanks a lot Justin for sharing this precious info.

    With its attractive interface and its very user-friendly settings, this program is a great plus indeed compared to other defragmenters i saw passing so far, and I like it very much.

    About those profiles : I guess you are searching it too far : it just saves the list of jobs you entered, so that you can just reload it at an other occasion and so don’t need to go picking each of them manually again.
    The list is saved as a .wcp file, which actually appears to be a simple plain text file.

  5. Shawn

    The non gui one from Sysinternals works well from the command prompt and has more information when defragmenting the files on screen. But for anyone that doesn’t have a clue on using DOS Wincontig is much safer to use.