Which search engine do you truly prefer – Google, Bing, or Yahoo? Let’s find out!

Google is trying to take over the world, Microsoft already owns our souls, and Yahoo… well, Yahoo is a classic (couldn’t think of anything else to say about Yahoo). So the million dollar multi-billion dollar question is who’s search engine do you use? With Yahoo quickly dying away most of us will either say Google or Bing. However is your answer to my question just a “jump-on-the-bandwagon” thing or do you really like that search engine? Well lets find out.

Blind Search is an interesting website which helps you figure out which search Engine is best for you. It works in a simple way. You simply type in what you want to search for…


…and results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo are displayed:


You are then asked to select which search engine your prefer based on the search results you get. The thing is you don’t know which results are from which search engine (hence the name “Blind Search”). After you select the search engine you are told which one you selected:


Apparently I am a Yahoo fan. Now this isn’t exactly an experiment that would get published in the Science Journal but it is interesting. So, now tell me, which search engine do you truly prefer? Find out from the link below:

Click here to visit and try Blind Search

[via ScienceRoll]

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  • Chet Morton

    I performed the test with the search string “Taco Syroco” and the site claimed one search engine returned nothing (Yahoo). However, when I went to Yahoo search web page and enter the string, Yahoo returned plenty… I think their test is flawed…

  • ewsmith

    I used and was still able to distinguish between the three before clicking.
    Google has the + for spaces and %XX for some characters in the url line while Bing doesn’t.
    Yahoo just doesn’t give me any results. :/

    I just based it off how easy it is for me to read the results and how not distracting everything else is.
    Google wins by a small margin, and it’s because its home page loads faster.

  • Its me …. alwayzzz

    Another one Yahoo-ing all the way!!! ;)

    Got started with it from the time it found a wonderful website for my school project…

  • meldasue

    Interesting – when I searched on the term ‘lavender’, I got several (useless) social media results from Bing. When I searched on ‘fragrance’, both engines gave nearly identical commercial sites. However, I always search from Google’s advanced search. I’ve tried Bing and found the search customization to be far inferior to Google.

  • smaragdus

    DuckDuckGo – http://duckduckgo.com/

  • Bruce

    My came back Bing, what was interesting was Yahoo did not return any results.

  • I’ve tried BING in the past and must say I prefer Google but to be fair I tried the test with 4 randomly chosen terms. Three out of the four returned no results at all on Yahoo so I’ll eliminate it. I tied 2 and 2 on Bing and Google, but I noticed that on the only list where I had no difficulty determining the winner the result is Google. A thin margin to declare victory on but I’ll take it, and Google as my preferred search engine.

  • mtorro

    I decided to do a 10 search query with three different types of goals. Here they are with their results.

    1. Random searching and see what information I can learn.

    – 8 Bing
    – 2 Google

    2. Actuall Real life work inqueries;

    – 7 Bing
    – 3 Google

    3. Leisure searching ( internet fun times)

    – 7 Bing
    – 2 Google
    – 1 Yahoo

    Well guess after seeing these results, I will give Bing a shot for a time, and see if I “truly” like Bing over Google.

  • dtc

    I prefer searchy.com …. easy name to remember and good range of results .. they also have searchy.co.uk …

  • Google for the web, Yahoo for images.

  • hahaguy

    LOL…I was thinking that this test will prove me wrong but hey Google is for me haha.

    I made 10 searches and these are the results:

    7 Google
    2 Yahoo
    1 Bing

    I made another 10 searches and these are the results:

    5 Google
    2 Yahoo
    3 Bing

    Summing it up,

    12 Google
    4 Yahoo
    4 Bing

    I guess Google is for me while Bing and Yahoo are of the same standards to me.

  • Ashraf

    @Ozzie: Thanks. You are right it should not be posted. I even removed all traces of it from my About page long ago after an incident.

    @Locutus: If I don’t answer a question by a commentator there is a reason for it. Please let me handle the personal questions about myself. Feel free to answer any other advice related questions for me =).

  • Ozzie

    @ Locutus: Call me the worrisome type, but should that be posted? What if someone took exception to something he posted and, I don’t know, sought him out? What if a mad posse of software-makers came after him with felonious intent?

    I can’t help but think anonymity might be a good thing, given that there are some nut jobs there.

    But again, I may just be worrying unnecessarily …

  • Eli

    Ashraf,Ur 2 hrs ahead of me, where. The heck R U, in California, I’m in Texas (Austin-ralia).BTW @ #2 Robert Yahoo is good @ shrapnel shotgun aim &now joined w/ MS should be interesting since MS has desktop concerns over privacy, hence, security issues.They can all find it they can all be fast or slow they all seem. 2 be tied into forerunner Google’s worldwide database pact agreement w/ world nations 2 digitize & access these libraries so almost mute point of believing as in the recent debate on merits for mem defrag & optimisers on another site G.

  • Mags


    Thx for reminding me about centre/center – when I was first learning HTML I would get frustrated. When I wanted to centre something it wouldn’t work until I realized I had to use center not centre!


    Your welcome. I dislike (H8) IE with a passion, only use it when I have to. I used to use Netscape until it became useless after AOL took it over, so switched to Firefox and haven’t look back since.

  • Eli

    Ashraf,I use a UK-based s/e called Ixquick which does not reportedly record Ur IP addr. Fast,clean,WOT compliant and trying 2 get them on the Berry 4 privacy issues; however, I see Google flashing by in lower left of taskbar…hope they block Google during this process…easy DnLd and install from from their site into FF or IE…not sure about other browsers.

  • Rowdy

    I used Yahoo until Google came along with more features, add-ons, etc. that I find very useful. :^)

    Have an awesome day!

  • Google still rules for my genealogy searches.

    Happy Dae·

  • Peter D

    I prefer google, but have them all on my favorites in case google…..

    have a nice day

  • Ozzie

    @ Mags: Thanks for the tip! I’ll give the Surf Canyon add-on a shot and see how it goes. And yes, I use FF … I love FF!

  • RobCr


    Here in Australia, we used to think we were the centre of the universe, and all my neighbours used to spell favorite as favourite.
    But now we are learning to ‘speak’ American.
    PS I used Google to make sure that I didn’t get center/centre back to front.

  • Mags

    @Ozzie: “My pet gripe is trawling through endless search pages trying to find exactly what it is I’m looking for.”

    If you are using Firefox try their Surf Canyon add-on, you will also find a review that Ashraf did on it also. (sorry, forgot to search the review before posting.)

    If your not using Firefox, I’d highly recommend giving it a try.

  • Alalata

    I prefer google.

  • Mags

    Thought I’d give it a try. I also used “Blind Search” to test it out.

    Google listed it at #1, Bing at #4, and Yahoo #3

    google.ca is my favourite search engine.

    (BTW, favourite isn’t a spelling error, that is how we Canuks spell it.)

  • It’s kinda hard to say which of these Search Engines I prefer because I prefer All The Internet Search Engine and all of these Search Engines mention are included in the 100+ Search Engine Package. All The Internet Search Engine is far better than any other in my opinion because it “Highlight” what you Searched for in the best way possible without having to look through lots of Junk.

  • WrongResults

    I wonder about the results. I tried a search and the google column returned no results. When I went directly to google I did get results. I think maybe what’s being passed through doesn’t correspond to what we type? The search was “Verbrilli Sound” “Leisure War” +flac -torrent.

  • Ozzie

    Greetings all! As I am in the middle of researching an assignment for one of my courses (due on Friday … oh no, so many late nights ahead!), I am madly using search engines. Google has been my main search engine for years now. I’ve tried out many others, but it seemed all much of a muchness. A couple of months back (I think), I saw an interview with the creators of Bing on BBC’s Click program. It was quite interesting in that they are attempting to develop a more intuitive search engine. They also said it was a work in progress and would get better as time went on. So I tried it out, and actually quite like it. So now I tend to use a combination of Google and Bing. I also noticed that Google is going down the more intuitive search path as well, which is good for all of us. My pet gripe is trawling through endless search pages trying to find exactly what it is I’m looking for. So anything that makes that process easier – be it from Google, Microsoft or whoever – is going to be a winner for me.

    Anyway, that’s my 10 cents’ worth. Now back to the search pages!

  • Ashraf

    @Liam K: I bet you will be interested in the results of the first 8 weeks: http://delicategeniusblog.com/?p=839

  • Ashraf

    @tejas: Oh the good old days of Ask.com =). I remember when I first discovered it. Me and my friends thought it was sooooooooo cool.

    @JJSlider: You have a website? I would love to hear about it.

  • i HATE ask because they have that malware toolbar.

  • RobCr

    Surely you must be joking ?
    (I know you told me not to call you Surely)

    There is only one search engine –

  • Google, Bing, Google, Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Bing, Google, Google, Google.

    I knew I would be a Googler :)

    I did ten searches that I might normally search for, and clicked on the one with the most relevant results. The stats were:

    6 Google
    3 Bing
    1 Yahoo!

    That website is a really great idea. Props to the creator.

  • david roper

    Google it was….

  • I recently reviewed this website! I think it’s a brilliant way of getting the best results.

  • tejas

    I haven’t been a googler for quite some time. I stopped Googling, and started ASKing. ;)

  • Ashraf

    @Robert: Crap! Sorry I forgot to put a link to it LOL! Added now =).

    @Kev93: Join the club =P.

    @Opie: I am a true Googler at heart!

  • Kev93

    Yahoo! I always knew it. That Yahoo! is my favorite I mean.

  • Robert

    Since this posting does not have a link to Blind Search, I first had to search for Blind Search. Upon accessing the site I figured, “What the hey?” and entered “Blind Search” (no quotes) as the search object. The results? Google specifically targeted entries regarding Blind Search itself, while Bing was 50-50 for the search site and other hits about the blind searching, while Yahoo was all over the place about blinds, the blind and searches and searching for whatever.

  • Opie

    I’m a Googler :)