Which search engine do you truly prefer – Google, Bing, or Yahoo? Let’s find out!

Google is trying to take over the world, Microsoft already owns our souls, and Yahoo… well, Yahoo is a classic (couldn’t think of anything else to say about Yahoo). So the million dollar multi-billion dollar question is who’s search engine do you use? With Yahoo quickly dying away most of us will either say Google or Bing. However is your answer to my question just a “jump-on-the-bandwagon” thing or do you really like that search engine? Well lets find out.

Blind Search is an interesting website which helps you figure out which search Engine is best for you. It works in a simple way. You simply type in what you want to search for…


…and results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo are displayed:


You are then asked to select which search engine your prefer based on the search results you get. The thing is you don’t know which results are from which search engine (hence the name “Blind Search”). After you select the search engine you are told which one you selected:


Apparently I am a Yahoo fan. Now this isn’t exactly an experiment that would get published in the Science Journal but it is interesting. So, now tell me, which search engine do you truly prefer? Find out from the link below:

Click here to visit and try Blind Search

[via ScienceRoll]

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