[Windows] Sync files and folders across your computers with Tonido Portable

Would you like to sync your files with family and friends across the web? I am not just talking about uploading files, but actually syncing them. Thanks to Tonido Portable you can, and you don’t even have to install anything!


Main Functionality

Tonido Portable is a free program that allows you to sync files on your home computer with other family, friends and co-workers. This is all done through your web browser. Now you can have access to the files you need the most, regardless if you’re at home or not. There are even apps that you can use to install this program on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry devices.


  • Tonido Portable can be taken everywhere by just unzipping it to a USB device
  • Perfect for sharing files between computers, co-workers or family and friends
  • Free account does give you unlimited remote access
  • No file upload size limit (besides your base limit of 2GB per free account)
  • Can password protect the files you upload
  • Works on Mac OS X and Linux, too
  • Also works with Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry


  • Free version only allows you to sync 2GB (should still be perfect for casual users). If you really love the service and need more space, you will have to pay. Two packages available ($39 per year or $99 per year).
  • You have to create an account to use the service
  • You can only sync files across your computers. Smartphones files aren’t synced; you can download files from your Tonido account and upload files to your Tonido, but all downloading/uploading is manual on smartphones. Do note, however, you can access files synced from your computers on your smartphones.


There are a lot of programs out there that let you share files with people over the internet. However, I have come across very few that let you sync files over the internet… and do it free! Well, that is just what Tonido Portable lets you do, and you can do it without installing anything on your computer.

Tonido Portable is a program that you can actually run right off a USB device. However, before you can use the program you have to sign up with an account. That is my major concern with the program. I hate having to sign up with things, but I gave this one a try, because it seemed worthwhile.

The way Tonido Portable works is easy. After you sign up with an account, you can start syncing files on your computer with Tonido servers. The information you sync online can then be viewed by anyone that knows how to find it. Don’t worry; you can of course password protect all of your information. This way, only trusted people can view your files.

There are a number of reasons why I like Tonido Portable over other services that offer the same features. First, there is no file limit to the size of the files you can upload. That being said, you do have to respect your 2GB of free online storage. So, there is no rule against uploading a file that is 1GB in size, but you won’t be uploading many files of this size very often.

If you really like the service and 2GB of synced data is just not enough for you, Tonido does offer you the ability to upgrade your account. Although this is a nice option, I cannot see too many casual users going over their 2GB limit. The only people who may need the $100 a year account would be the ones running a small business who want information to be accessible by all of their employees.


Yes, I know there are a lot of companies out there that offer this same kind of service. However, I do feel that Tonido Portable is a good contender. With a free price tag and 2GB of free online storage, it is well worth your time to give Tonido Portable a try.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 2.61

Supported OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

Download size: 32MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/34

Tonido Portable homepage

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  • Frank

    @Ethan: Ethan, I’m not feeding a troll. Sorry.

  • Ethan


    I have never claimed myself to be an expert. You are again coming to wrong conclusions and missed the primary point of my comment.

    I am a user who wants to know about different products that are available.

    However, you said in your own words “DropBox does not need to pay writers. They’re the Google of cloud storage. Having said that I do not even have an account with them bc my data is MY data.”

    It just proves you LIED because you CANNOT know Dropbox is google of cloud storage unless you extensively use Dropbox at the very least have an account with them.

    Since you lied, as a user I cannot provide any value to your comments and thoughts.

    Next time, when you write some comments on an article. Please be objective and rational and maintain a sense of decency so that users will have some respect for your thoughts.

  • Frank

    @Ethan: no problem, Ethan. Calling names really proves your expertise…
    Regarding Tonido: We even installed the server software. Before v.1.5 (which just came out 2 weeks ago) a ridiculous GUI. Download their VM and test yourself.

    BTW, Ethan: What does it tell about Justin and Ashraf and their expertise if a “TOTAL IDIOT” knows it better than them? :D

  • Ethan

    @Frank:” well Kevin,
    DropBox does not need to pay writers. They’re the Google of cloud storage.
    Having said that I do not even have an account with them bc my data is MY data.”

    Hmm.. FRANK, You DO NOT EVEN HAVE DROPBOX account, but you are claiming Dropbox is Google of cloud storage.

    I am not against dropbox, they do provide good service. However, your statement proves you are a TOTAL IDIOT and just claims anything you please without even trying the software..

    So I DO NOT BELIEVE you have ever tried TONIDO.

    And it is a waste of time people are reading your comments. This forum must take efforts to stop useless comments like yours and spare users some time.

  • Frank

    @kevincary: Kevin,
    call me whatever you want. I do not mind.
    I was angry with Ashraf bc he was (is!) wrong and stubborn.
    Tonido does not have to have anything (am I mad with them?) but technical advisers /should/ write the truth. And I also was glad if they /at/least/ were able to acknowledge the truth and did not write BS.

  • kevincary

    “Dropbox does not need to pay writers.”
    Really Frank, Are you really this naive to think that?

    Anyway your anger is totally unwarranted against Asraf. Tonido is genuinely useful service for people who care about their security and privacy of data. They may not have everything you expect, but that is the case with all products that include Dropbox and others.

  • Frank

    @kevincary: well Kevin,
    DropBox does not need to pay writers. They’re the Google of cloud storage.
    Having said that I do not even have an account with them bc my data is MY data.

    My company (small IT service provider) was fooled by Tonido to invest mentionable worktime to check out their product. When doing that it turned out they were liars and do not provide mobile syncronization (just accessibility).

    Yours, Frank

    P.S. Please leave it up to the user if and how he wants to spend his traffic.

  • kevincary

    @frank, dropbox also doesn’t sync files in mobile
    check this help: https://www.dropbox.com/help/82/.
    They download the files you select and keep them.

    There are practical reasons why companies don’t implement 2 way sync
    in mobile: bandwidth and limited storage.

    You don’t need to be riled up somuch. How much did dropbox pr company pay you to write this?

  • Frank

    @Frank: Ashraf, taking your stubborn acting into account I will /sincerely/ overthink your tips in future. You’re not only unknowledgeable, you’re even unteachable!

  • Frank

    @Ashraf: FINE, Ashraf!
    Just pretend again not to be paid by Tonido!

    In post 8 you write “Synced from PC -> mobile”, in post 10 “Then from that account you can access the files from your smartphone.” At least the latter is true. Nevertheless that was never the point.

    You obviously have not understood the principle of /syncronization/, yet you BRAG about it!

    STOP playing STUPID, Ashraf! /NO/ (in words: NO, in other words: not one single) mobile device can /syncronize/ ANYTHING to that Tonido service.

    These devices can access data on Tonido. And that’s about it!

  • Ashraf

    @Frank: As far as I know, you are wrong. Files from PC are synced to your Toindo account. Then from that account you can access the files from your smartphone.
    I may be wrong, though.

  • Frank

    @Ashraf: BLEEDING HELL, Ashraf!
    Nothing is /synced/ PC -> mobile. Just plain NOTHING. And plain NOTHING vice versa.
    Get that in your bleeding head. And delete this comment (or just don’t, I do not care!!)

    “Mr. Boss” fits you pretty well…

  • Ashraf

    @Frank: Synced from PC -> mobile but not mobile -> PC or mobile is one way sync in my book. In either case, Ive changed the title to properly reflect what the program does and modified the review too — what is the issue now?

  • Frank

    @Ashraf: “So it is a one-way sync for mobile devices.”
    NO, I’m sorry! It is not.
    Files are accessible, /not/ synced (offline available).

    Dear Ashraf, you have SUCH a good reputation over here. Why do you try to destroy it?

  • Ashraf

    @Justin: You are welcome.
    @Frank: Firstly, Justin is not being paid by them. He is a neutral reviewer. Secondly, the headline is not his fault. It is mine. I changed it from what he had originally. I didn’t realize that sync didn’t work on smartphones when I wrote the headline. I have fixed it now.
    Also, it should be mentioned the headline wasn’t blatantly wrong. Syncing from smartphones doesn’t work because the smartphone apps don’t have sync capabilities. However, files synced from computers are still accessible on smartphones. So it is a one-way sync for mobile devices.
    @Frank: Another point: Tonido’s sync software is portable, Dropbox’s isn’t.
    In any case, I personally wouldn’t use Tonido over Dropbox but some people may find it useful. It is all about choice. Justin did nothing wrong; I think you are overreacting a bit. :-P

  • Frank

    In case you just made a wrong headline: How about a correction? Because your headline is BLATANTLY wrong! You even confess it yourself!
    Otherwise you just promoted another low-grade syncronization service. Are you paid by them?

  • @Ashraf: Thanks for updating the review Ashraf, and clearing that up. Since the review was more about the Windows portable program and not the mobile apps, I did not get into that side of it very much. I just quickly made note that they did provide mobile apps for those who are interested.

  • Frank

    well, Ashraf, I am an unthankful guy. Sorry.
    So I am not satisfied with your answer.
    The (almost) ONLY advantage of Tonido over competitors is that you might host your own server (to not share your data with a completely unknown entity).
    The service introduced by you is FAR worse than dropbox&co.

  • Ashraf

    @Frank: Tonido is a bit coy about this. They sync files on computers (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X), and have smartphone apps. Those smartphone apps allow you to download/upload from your Tonido account but the smartphone apps don’t have sync capabilities. I’ve updated the review to reflect that.

  • Frank

    What a HUGE lie!
    Tonido does /not/ syncronize /anything/ on mobiles!*
    We checked them out, even applied for resellers. Then we recognized they lie. NO syncromization for at least iDevices (I guess same for Androids)

    Yours, Frank

    * I’m not mad with you. I am mad with these liars causing me hours of useless workload!