[Windows] Automatically restart closed or hung programs (and create a crash report) with Restarter Portable

Would you like programs that crash to automatically restart? Maybe you want a crash report created for every program that crashes on you? Well if you want either one of these things (or both), you will want to try Restarter Portable.


Main Functionality

Restarter Portable is a small program that can auto restart programs that get hung up or crash. The program can even help generate a crash report for programs that continuously have problems. Restarter Portable will even export these reports to places, like your email, so you always have them handy. Best of all, the program is completely portable!


  • Monitors processes on your computer – if a program crashes, it can restart the program and/or create a log of the process
  • Can set up external scripts if a process fails (example: Send an email with the crash report)
  • Can auto kill processes that have become hung or unresponsive
  • Program allows you to adjust the parameters to your liking
  • Option to focus computer resources on a restarted program (to get it booted up quicker)
  • Completely portable – installs nothing to your computer


  • If you don’t have problems with programs crashing a lot, Restarter Portable doesn’t have much to offer you (aka you aren’t using Windows)


If you don’t have programs that crash on you a lot or you’re not looking for crash reports, you might as well skip this review. For everyone else, Restarter Portable could be an extremely helpful program. First, let’s start off with what this program has to offer.

In a nutshell, Restarter Portable does just what it sounds like…it restarts your programs. I know that doesn’t sound very helpful, but anyone who has suffered with a program that crashes a lot will automatically see how helpful this program can be.

Restarter Portable is able to monitor and restart programs automatically whey they crash or get hung up. However, instead of just restarting these programs, it can also record a crash report for you. This can help you out a lot when you’re trying to get help from an online tech guy who is trying to fix the buggy program that keeps crashing on you.

The great thing about Restarter Portable is how customizable it is. Obviously, you don’t want it restarting programs that get hung up for a few seconds. These are parameters that you can adjust at will. The program even offers an option to focus more computer resources on the programs it is restarting. This will help crashed programs reboot faster. After all, nothing is more frustrating than waiting on a program that just crashed to reopen.

There are a few other options that may be helpful as well. For example, you can have the program play a selectable sound whenever a process fails. Obviously, some processes are noticeable when they fail, but some other background processes may not be as noticeable. You can also choose if you want your restarted programs to open up in a minimized, maximized or normal Window. This is helpful if you don’t want your restarted programs popping up in front of you while you’re working with a more reliable program that had the decency not to crash on you.


This program is not going to help everyone. I mean, if you don’t have a problem with crashing programs, why even bother? In fact, you should be counting your lucky stars you don’t have this program. For everyone else, might as well pick this one up and save yourself a little time. It’s not a big program, doesn’t use a lot of computer resources and you don’t have to install it!

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 2.0

Supported OS: Windows 2000 / XP /2003 / Vista / 7

Download size: 86KB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/44

Is it portable? Yes

Restarter Portable homepage

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