Is that Mount Olympus floating in the sky? [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Where here has read Greek mythology? I have, unfortunately (fortunately?). If you have read, or know about, Greek mythology, then you know what Mount Olympus is. If you don’t, then I’ll give you a quick crash course — Mount Olympus is the home of the twelve Greek gods in Greek mythology. Why exactly am I bringing up the topic of Mount Olmypus? Because the following photo could very well be the first known sighting of Mount Olympus. Check it out:

…Okay that isn’t really Mount Olypmus (because Mount Olympus and Greek gods aren’t real). It is actually a sunset in Sweden. However… okay, nevermind — I’ll be quiet now.

[via Facebook]

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  • Terry Nachtmerrie

    I hate being a smart ass, but, Mount Olympus is real.

  • AFPhys

    This is a truly intriguing photo.

    Thank you very much for bringing it to our attention and posting it.