[iPhone] Hunt Pro is a helpful hunting tool for people who hunt

Whether you hunt big game or fowl, Hunt Pro for iPhone offers some handy tools for hunters in the field. In addition to animal calls, Hunt Pro also offers tools to help outdoorsmen keep their bearings and track phases of the moon.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Hunt Pro offers an array of calls, including deer, birds, predators, and even speciality calls for hogs and rabbits. In addition, the app allows you to collect a variety of GPS data so that you can track your current latitude and longitude, along with altitude and other info. Plus, there’s a built-in flashlight to help you navigate after dark.


  • Adjustable volume and track length for each of the various digital animal calls.
  • Easy to navigate
  • Flashlight is super bright
  • Ability to set pins on your map to mark favorite hunting locations
  • In-app GPS updates constantly to let you know how accurate the readings are (in feet)


  • Ad-supported
  • You have to pay $2.99 to unlock all the different calls, plus and additional $1.99 to unlock the additional solar and lunar calendar features
  • Quality of most hunting calls are tinny and distorted


This Thanksgiving, I spent a lot of time with some big game hunters and duck hunters. They were able to weigh on the quality of the hunting calls in this app, giving some much-needed insight into the caliber of this handy hunting app.

Some calls got decent marks from the expert hunters I talked to. The bob white quail call and the goose call were rated as decent, with the various duck calls rated a bit behind. However, the mammal calls were universally panned for sounding too tinny or distorted. The deer, elk, and bear calls were all close, but not close enough to be truly alluring in a real world hunting situation. The bobcat distress call was a bit harder to judge for the people I talked to, but it seemed a bit shrill and pitched up.

Sadly, users do have to pay a premium to get all the content. If you want the full array of sounds, you need to pay $2.99. And from the quality of those free sample sounds, it is hard to feel motivated to shell out the cash.

But while the hunting calls may not be perfect, the GPS services are really useful. In addition to precise latitude and longitude info, you can also get detailed info on your current altitude and information on your current speed and heading. The GPS accuracy will vary based on your location. I tested it in rural New Hampshire with terrible cell coverage, and got GPS that was accurate within about 16-33 feet.

Conclusion and download link

While Hunt Pro may be free, don’t download it for the library of hunting calls. They are likely to disappoint you in the field. If you do decide to download this one, I’d recommend you just use it for its other features.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 2.4

Requires iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, iOS version 4.3 or later

Download size: 32.8 MB

Hunt Pro on Apple App Store

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