[iPhone] Measure how much data each individual app uses with Onavo Count

I am sure many people have encountered that annoying moment when you realized that you have overshot your data limit, and you have to pay a huge amount of money for that. Once, I used my 3G data and I thought I had it in my mobile plan, but I did not. I ended up having to pay around a hundred dollars for it. That was one frightening experience, and now I panic whenever someone asks me if I have any data left on my data plan because I have trouble finding out. Onavo Count changes that.


Main Functionality

Onavo Count tells you how much data in total you have used, and which app used how much data. You can easily check it whenever you want (e.g. once a week or once every two weeks), and it does not take up much battery. It is perfect for anyone who uses a data plan, especially people whose mobile plans are extremely expensive.


  • Notifies you of how much data you have used over the past 30 days, breaking down the usage on a per-app level
  • If you use Onavo Extend, tells you how much money Onavo has saved for you
  • When you click on an application, it gives you a little informative chart that tells you how much cellular data that specific app has used over time
  • Clean and neat interface


  • No setting of a data limit that will notify you when you are about to hit that limit
  • No design customizations


Usually I set myself a mental data limit of a gigabyte per month because I am unsure of the limit I have. My data limit is probably higher than a gigabyte per month, but since I usually am at home and I use WiFi, I personally do not think I will need more than a gigabyte worth of 3G data per month. Therefore, every week or so, I check Onavo Count just to see how much data I have used so far.

Since it is a free app, Onavo Count is perfect if you are someone like me who does not want to spend extra money just because I have accidentally overshot my limit, or sometimes I just want to know how much I have used so far. Usually, data usage has a relationship with battery life, so most of the time I can gauge whether my battery life for the day has decreased because of my constant usage, or because I use my 3G data.

Onavo Count is ad-free, clean, and neat. There is nothing to distract you from what you have opened up the app for: checking how much data you have used so far. While there are no customization settings yet, its default white background and colorfulness is gorgeous. Overall, it is a very easy-to-use and straightforward app.


Onavo Count is a great app that helps you keep track of your cellular data usage. Since it is free, I strongly recommend you to give it a go!

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.0.3

Requires iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad – iOS 4.0 or later.

Download size: 5.8 MB

Onavo Count on the App Store

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