[iPhone] Make money and make friends with Phewtick

Ever met a stranger and felt an awkward silence? Well, with Phewtick, you can get rid of that awkward silence and earn money at the same time!


Main Functionality

Phewtick is an app that allows people to make money by meeting up with friends and scanning their QR codes provided by the app. It is perfect to kill the awkward silence when you are with a stranger, and it is a free app! If you are with a friend, simply open the app, hit the “Scan code” button and scan the code on your friend’s mobile! Automatically, you will have the chance to win five different amounts of points, each representing a certain amount of money. Once 24,000 points have been obtained, you are eligible to withdraw the money to your PayPal account.


  • Notifies you if someone you know is near you
  • Allows you to earn money by gaining points and then cashing out (1,000 points = $1 USD)
  • A donate option that lets you choose if you want to donate your points to UNICEF or the Red Cross
  • Is not US only — works globally


  • Is only available for you if you have Facebook (Facebook login only)
  • Only PayPal accepted for cash outs (so you need a PayPal account)
  • 24,000 points needed to cash out
  • Points received will fluctuate at random
  • The developer charges 15% commission to cash out


This app is especially handy for anyone who goes out often and has a wide social network. It is also great for people as it serves as an amazing “friend maker”. Instead of keeping quiet and being shy with a stranger, Phewtick will be a great conversation topic. Not only is the app free, it is a win-win situation for both parties as both will be able to get the points.

Something horrible about the app is the fact that the points you can get “will fluctuate at random”, according to the app. For example, if the first time you scan a code, you may get thousands of points. However, you may get just tens of points the next time. While it is fair and square, it may feel a little annoying to wait for an hour so you can scan someone again, then realise you only received eleven points.

Also, Facebook is not used by everyone. Therefore, people who would like to use the app but do not have Facebook will be unable to use it. While registration is easy, some people may not wish to own a Facebook account. The same goes with PayPal for the cash outs – only PayPal is accepted if you would like to cash out the money at the moment. Phewtick has said that other payment methods will be coming soon, but at this moment only PayPal is available.

Phewtick is, nonetheless, a good app to try out. You do not have to pay for the app, so it is basically a risk-free investment. Scanning is completely optional and you can scan any time (the same person once per hour, however) you like. It is pretty much a freelance job, and even teenagers or children can use it to perhaps earn their own pocket money.


Phewtick is an easy way to earn money, especially since you do not have to pay anything for this free app. While you won’t become rich off it, it will help to expand your social network and make friends with strangers. If your family members have Phewtick as well, you can scan them every hour – especially if you’re a couch potato, then this will definitely be a great trick to use with this app.

I definitely recommend you to give it a go!

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 3.1.0

Requires iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, iOS version 4.3 or higher

Download size: 3.2 MB

Phewtick on Apple App Store

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