[Windows] EditPad Lite could be the perfect free text editor to replace your aging Notepad (or Wordpad)

If you’re looking for a good alternative to Windows Notepad, then you will be happy you stumbled across this program. EditPad Lite is a great freeware text editor that has been developed as a replacement for Notepad. It is able to do everything that Notepad can do with some extra features you may find extremely useful.


Main Functionality

EditPad Lite is a freeware text editor that is designed to completely replace your Notepad program. It offers everything that Notepad does plus a lot more. Whether you’re looking for a program that has larger file support or one that can even offer you a tabbed interface, EditPad Lite has you covered.

Note: If you like, you can think of this as a Wordpad replacement instead of a Notepad replacement.


  • Tabbed interface that allows you to work with multiple files easily
  • Offers larger file and line support than Notepad
  • Allows for full Unicode support. This does include complex scripts and right-to-left scripts
  • Search and replace tool that works extremely well
  • Offers unlimited undo and redo for all opened files (even after saving)
  • Just like Word, it offers automatic backup and working copies to help prevent data loss in the event of a crash
  • Allows for direct editing of text files using Windows, UNIX and Mac text encoding
  • The installer allows you to choose between multiple options, including a standard and advanced installation and a portable version that can be saved onto a USB device
  • Covert option allows you to convert files between: ANAI, ASCII, Unicode, UNIX and Mac
  • Able to apply simple ROT-13 encoding and decoding to text as well


  • If you don’t need an advanced replacement for Notepad, you are probably better off going with an actual word processing program


EditPad Lite is a program that is made to replace your Notepad. For anyone who does not use Notepad, you might as well look somewhere else, because this program is not going to offer you anything that you’re not getting from a word processing program. For others that “prefer” Notepad, this program has a lot to offer.

First, let’s get into some of the extra features that EditPad Lite offers. Unlike Notepad, it offers a tabbed interface. This means, you can actually work on multiple documents at the same time easily. On top of that, Editpad Lite supports larger file and line support than Notepad as well.

One of the coolest features offered by Editpad Lite is the “Convert” tool located towards the top of the program. This tool can help with lowercase, uppercase, initial caps, invert case, and even text encoding. However, you will also notice that it can convert files between ANAI, ASCII and Unicode. It is also able to convert to UNIX and Mac formats (in some cases).

As you can see, Editpad Lite has a lot to offer that Notepad simply cannot. Typically, I would not be interested in a program that offers more than Notepad, because it is not something I use often. However, this has so much to offer and comes with the magical price tag of “free” that it is hard to overlook.


I highly recommend Editpad Lite for anyone who is looking to replace Notepad. It has too many great features not to be considered. Best of all, it is completely free! Unless you simply know that you would never use such a program, you should at least have this one on your computer. It is pretty small and not resource hungry.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 7.2.1

Supported OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

Download size: 9MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/43

Is it portable? Yes (portable version offered during installation)

EditPad Lite download page

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  1. AFPhys


    Thank you all for your responses to me regarding NotePad++. I guess I will download and use this EditPad Lite for a while as a result of your feedback. N++ has a lot of ability that I need only occasionally. It will be interesting to see what I miss since you convinced me to try EditPad.

  2. Frank D

    @Eric989: Eric, at this time I can’t say, because I don’t want to download and install it, possibly messing with my current version. But the occasion when I did install the latest version was in August of this year after I had to do a clean reinstall of Windows 7 and try to recover all my installed programs. I recall that the new EditPad interface looked “more streamlined” and not at all like my familiar one. So I dug out the old installation file for the program (I save them all) and reinstalled from that one. Sorry I can’t be more explicit.

  3. Eric989

    @SteveS: Then maybe you would like TednPad at 112kb or metapad at 109kb. Akelpad is like 2mb but a lot bigger once unpacked.
    @AFPhys: Notepad++ is really great too. It is easily one of the best of the best and can do some things that editpad lite can’t. I personally like the layout of editpad better and like its handling of text clips. I just wish ++ would show hyperlinks in a different color instead of just underlining them. So far the color only changes when hovered. Do you know how to have their color always be different?
    @Frank D: Can you give examples of what changes you don’t like? Maybe I am missing out with the newer versions.
    @Rob (Down Under): Just right click on it anywhere but in a text box and uncheck search. Right clicking on any toolbar should bring up this same menu.
    I believe you mentioned that you use a tabbed pdf viewer in a post a while back. Could you please tell me which one is tabbed? I use SumatraPDF and haven’t seen that option.

  4. SteveS

    Just thoughts that come to mind:
    Nice review / nice app.
    I use Notepad++ AND M$ Notepad.
    I am prejudiced against apps that need to run an installer, therefore I only do so in a VM. Editpad seems to run fine after doing so and running in a RM (real machine) thereafter.
    I am far from a fan of M$ but, when comparisons of txt editors are made, I like to compare features vs. filesize: Notepad++ exe = ~1.5MB + a huge ancillary footprint; Editpad exe = ~7.6MB … … M$ Notepad exe = ~70k ! … and M$ Wordpad exe = ~200k.
    I’m like everybody else in that I don’t care about HDD storage or memory usage anymore but I do like to appraise functionality efficiency, Cheers!

  5. Mr.Dave

    This one looks really nice! I’ve had Notepad++ installed for several years but it was always overkill for anything I tried. EditPad offers a lot of useful tools but still looks easy to get in and get some work done. I think I’ll get a lot of use out of the tabbed windows, advanced search & replace, sorting and re-using standard clips. Thanks, Justin, and everyone else who commented, you’ve talked me into trying this one!

  6. Rob (Down Under)

    I have it in my PC, and have had it for a while.
    Notepad ++ is geared heavily towards programmers (HTML writers etc), who use it as their programming editor. By doing that, it acts as a development environment, and highlights the various programming commands, etc.
    If you do not do programming, then I guarantee that you would prefer EditPad Lite. EditPad just appears to me to be more oriented towards casual writing, and looks/feels better.

    PS Others can jump on me, if they wish, as it may be that I did not experiment enough with Font selection ?

  7. AFPhys

    Justin, @Eric989: , @Rob (Down Under): ,@Frank D:

    I have been using NotePad++ for many years, which has tabs, large files, as well as many other options. I will take a look at the Wiki linked above, but it sounds like you have all been very involved with text editors over the years, and I would benefit more from your experience.

    Have any of you had experience with NotePad++, and if so, what has encouraged you to move away from that program?

    Edit: it seems that the Wiki does not even list EditPad Lite! Doggone it!

  8. Frank D

    I agree with everything that Rob (down under) said. I’ve been using it very happily for many years also. I’m using version 6.7.1 now and will not upgrade since this one does everything so well. (I’ve tried later versions but didn’t like some of the changes.)

  9. Rob (Down Under)

    Been using it for years.
    Nearly every program should have Tabs.

    Instead of stuffing around with –
    – Ribbons
    – Classic Start Menu ( Win 7 agh! )
    – Windows ( Windows 8 agh! )
    MS should have been building Tabs into Notepad, Word (and WordPad), and Windows Explorer
    And should have kept ‘their cotton pickin hands’ of the other things that worked.

    PS Eric, do you know how I can hide that search bar, that recent versions shoved on to the bottom ?
    PPS I am not inviting members to flood this page with (tabbed) Word alternatives.
    Perhaps we could have another article on that ?
    If we did, could contributors also mention if they are capable of opening .docx and saving as .doc (another MS PIA).

  10. Eric989

    Yes this is the best notepad replacement I have ever found. I love that it can display web links in a different color and a simple double click will open the link in your default browser. It has several advanced features like sort alphabetically, remove duplicate lines, trim white space, remove blank lines, copy append, line numbering, and custom text clips. Its search box can be displayed at all times and it automatically scrolls back to the top when it has searched the entire document along with highlighting all matches.
    Overall, this is my favorite notepad replacement but I still use a few other excellent ones from time to time for particular purposes. They are tednpad (Ted NotePad), akelpad, and metapad.
    If you are still having trouble finding a text editor to suit your needs you can check out the following two links for some more ideas.