This is a (hilarious) example of sexism [Comic]

For the majority of known history, men have dominated women. In the past fifty or so years, the feminist movement has tried to level the playing field in many countries around the world. However, sexism still exists today.  Let’s forget about all the seriousness of the topic and have a little fun; check out the following comic:

…Lmao. Obviously girls suck at math.

[via xkcd]

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  • meldasue

    @Mags: You missed the point of the comic – it’s saying that when this man sees another man making a mistake, he’ll call out that man for his incompetence. When he sees a woman making a mistake, he makes the generalisation that *all* women are incompetent.

  • Ashraf

    OK, before this turns into a man vs woman fight, let’s just say gender equality is an complex, ever-evolving thing with many variables. Generalizations made by any side are typically always wrong. End of discussion (unless we can be civil about it, in which case please continue.)
    @Mags: The comic is a joke :-P

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Feminists that have totally lost their sense of humor, are not doing their cause any favors.
    Men are not allowed to hit women. Women who rely on that, and then hit men, should be guilty of a crime.
    Also some of those violent incidents that we see on TV at parties and Hotels are caused by women. The actual fight may be between men, but can be caused by women deliberately inflaming a situation to a point where her male partners inbuilt instinct to protect his mate, are triggered. He can be put into a situation where 90% of men would react physically. We cannot avoid that evolved instinct, but women can prevent their earlier escalation of the situation.

  • cpusrvc

    @Mags: Seriously, you assaulted the guy? He should have called the police. You almost definitely would have been arrested.

    What if you saw the same situation with the genders reversed, the woman made a vulgar comment to the man, and he smacked her across the face? I’ll bet you’d be up in arms and all for her pressing charges. You make the case why some men still treat some women with disrespect.

  • Anonymail

    I totally suck at math, I can admit that, but I can shop like a demon and I always get the best deals! hahaha

  • Seamus McSeamus

    The sad truth? My wife kicks my ass at math. It’s okay, though, I still wipe the floor with her in the important things like sports trivia!

  • Mags

    @Rob (Down Under): So what is the point of your story?

    From what I understand, you obviously agreed with the Irish programmer.

    Let me tell you a more recent story.

    There is a tenant living in our building who loves to have all night parties during the week as well as on weekends. Not only loud music but loud voices as well. Constantly disturbing all the other tenants.

    One night which was particularly bad I finally got fed up and went to confront him and his friends and told them to quite down. As soon as I walked away a big guy, about a foot taller than myself, weighing about 250 lbs (min.) if not more, made an extremely vulgar comment. (he is also well known for his verbal abuse towards women) I immediately went back and slapped him on the face.

    He threatened to call the cops for physical abuse. I told him to go ahead. Of course the cops never came. Reason being they would have looked at him and looked at me and then laughed.

    I don’t put up with BS from any man!

    Moral of story, men be aware of what you say about women, you may end up regretting it.

    @ Ashraf, this is one cartoon you should not have posted. Especially in this day and age.

  • kelltic

    I love Irishmen. :)

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I worked for 15 years in the IT department of a very large Telecommunications/Electronics/Cell phone company.
    There were about 300 IT staff, and most of us worked in a very large open office(like an aircraft hanger). There were of course female employees, and one of them was getting on in years, and liked to run things (in her area).
    There was an Irish programmer, who was addicted to reading the letters in the state’s daily newspaper, and also got involved in answering others letters. etc.
    One day he cut out someones letter, and also his reply to that letter.
    My desk was near the noticeboard, and I noticed the elderly female employee reading something on the noticeboard. (I knew not what, as I was oblivious to the Irish guys cutouts on the noticeboard). Next thing I hear a loud angry snarl from the female employee, and she stormed away past my desk.
    I immediately went and read the two letters.
    A female reader had written to the newspaper complaining that women were still being treated as 2nd class citizens.
    The Irish guys reply was –
    I am shocked and appalled to hear women are being treated as 2nd class citizens. When were they promoted.