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The ability to play video is one of the most utilized features in today’s media enthused world; therefore, you would think people would pay more attention to the quality of their video player. However, the sad fact is that the majority of people usually use Windows Media Player or iTunes to handle their video playing needs. You’ll notice that I don’t mention either in this article because there are some great free video players out there with many more features than Windows Media Player and iTunes, and make for a much more pleasing viewing experience. This article looks at these best free video players for Windows.

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Best Free Video Player

Program Name: VLC Media Player

Developer: VideoLAN Team

Download Size: 22MB

Version Reviewed: 2.0.4

Requires: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8

Works on Mac OS X 10.5+ and Linux, as well


  • Plays most, if not all, video formats including but not limited to MKV(excellent for anime junkies like myself), AVI, FLV, MOV, WMV, and MP4
  • Simple, easy to navigate interface
  • Provides several video modification features, such as the ability to force the aspect ratio of the video in order to get rid of black bands and post processing options
  • Has advanced subtitle options: switch embedded subtitles, add subtitles
  • Allows user to jump to labelled segments of videos where applicable
  • Several available effects and filters
  • Ability to record media being played
  • Allows for creation of media library
  • Allows for customization of interface
  • Can play online streaming videos


  • Sometimes presents the message “Rebuilding font cache” when you run VLC, forcing you to wait until the cache is rebuilt before you can use the program
  • Being prompted to update the program whenever you open it is a bit annoying
  • Cannot play SWF files


VLC Media Player is an easy-to-use video player which uses up minimal system resources (comparatively speaking) to play video while still offering a wide variety of options to adjust viewing to your preferences. One especially handy feature is the ability to take snapshots of videos. VLC is probably the most capable video player in terms of functionality out there at the moment, which is why it was chosen as #1.

VLC presents the user with several options for opening files, such as opening an individual file, opening an entire folder, opening a disc, and opening a network stream (from a URL). These are quite common features which can be found in all of the other video players we mention in this article, but the VLC team goes a step further and allows you to play video from a webcam or play what you see on your desktop. Yes, that means you can playback actions as they happen on your desktop (i.e. screen capture)!

There is also an included record function which allows the user to record media being played back. This is especially handy for the screen capture feature or when streaming online videos, and it delivers this functionality without out any annoying messages appearing during playback which are present with many other programs that offer this feature.

Although simple and easy to use, VLC has some very advanced filters and effects — such as image sharpening — which would appeal to the more advanced user. Also notable is the ability to switch audio tracks and subtitles, when applicable. It is also possible to create a media library (sorry iTunes and Windows Media Player), and there are several channels where content such as comedy and educational videos can be accessed. Another feature which separates VLC from the other programs is the ability to adjust the controls interface to the user’s liking. For example, you can move around buttons such as the pause, play ,and fast forward to wherever suits you best.

Although VLC’s simplicity adds to its appeal, after seeing the beauty of KMPlayer, the aesthetics of VLC may be lacking for some. Although VLC’s strength does not come in the form of its beauty, the lack thereof is noticeable. Also using Windows’ native ‘Play All’ feature from a folder of numbered items does not work correctly a lot of the time — the items don’t play in the correct order, which is not the case with other programs.

Overall, though, despite its drawbacks, VLC is the best.

Runner Up

Program Name: Zoom Player Max

Developer: Inmatrix LTD

Download Size: 12.3MB

Version Reviewed: 8.5

Requires: Windows XP/Vista/Win7


Quite frankly, Zoom Player Max is a brilliant video player and it was a close race between this and VLC Media Player for the position of best video player. Indeed, Zoom Player Max handles a wide variety of video formats comfortably and is very light on system resources (comparatively speaking). The interface of Zoom Media Player is very much like VLC Media Player, refreshingly simple and very straightforward to use. Zoom Player max offers many of the same options as VLC Media Player; however, the most notable exceptions are the lack of many of the post processing options VLC offers and the inability to take snapshots. Also lacking is the customisability in terms of button positioning which VLC offers and the recording capabilities of VLC.

On the other hand, Zoom Player Max offers customisability in the form of skins… which is a feature not offered by the VLC Team’s program. It also has a news feed option which displays information about updates and support, and allows users to follow the Zoom Player Community on either Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. The news feed also provides a link to the development teams’ Youtube account which contains several tutorial videos that extensively cover the operation of the program. In this regard, in terms of user support Zoom Player Max is clearly the best, when compared to all of the other reviewed programs. For example, although I did manage to find a VLC Team Youtube account, it didn’t contain any tutorial videos.

Despite the absences of some functionality that VLC has, Zoom Media Player is a strong competitor and will satisfy the video playing needs of the majority of users since not everyone has a need for advanced options. It is a create fallback if you ever get fed up with VLC’s “Rebuilding Font Cache” messages.

Honorable Mention 1

Program Name: The KMPlayer

Developer: KMP Media Co. Ltd.

Download Size: 24.3MB

Version Reviewed:

Requires: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 (32-bit only)


Like VLC and Zoom Player Max, KMPlayer has the ability to play most, if not all, video formats. KMPlayer also shares some other functionality such as ability to recover video being played, ability to play streaming video, etc. But, by and large, KMPlayer not as good as VLC Media Player in terms of functionality. However, KMPlayer is the clear winner in terms of beauty of the GUI; it is quite simply gorgeous! Of note is the available 3D viewing option which is a valued feature as there are increasing numbers of devices supporting 3D video viewing on the market.

Another amazing feature of KMPlayer is the ability to create a media library which can be synced to and from any folder of your choice. KMPlayer has the ability to take snapshots and to change skins. It also possesses advanced subtitle options similar to those of VLC media player. Coming soon is a service store which will allow for the download of various types of multi-media. Based on the GUI and service store alone you may be thinking that this program should be number 1 on the list and not just an honorable mention, however, there is one very critical factor which prevents KMPlayer from being better.

As you can see this is quite the capable program, however the factor that sets the previous two players apart from KMPlayer is stability. When trying to play videos, the KMPlayer tends to freeze up at times which can be quite annoying. Also, when trying to select individual videos for playback, the player often freezes. Sometimes simplicity is better, but for those that appreciate the eye candy, KMPlayer is for you.

Honorable Mention 2

Program Name: Best Media Player

Developer: Bestmediaplayer.com

Download Size: 5.35MB

Version Reviewed: 1.1

Requires: Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista/Win7


Much like KMPlayer, this is a very capable medial player with the ability to carry out the same major functions of the previously mentioned media players — Best Media Player can play pretty much every video format available. It demonstrates its capability to play a large amount of video formats quite comfortably. However, stability is again an issue just like with KMPlayer!

During my tests, Best Media Player used up a lot of system resources resulting in frequent freezing. Another issue was the changing of the color scheme in Windows 7 to basic whenever a video was played. It also offers a noticeably lesser amount of options for altering playback to the preference of the user, as opposed to the other video players I have mentioned.

Still, despite these drawbacks, it is a decent program to use and thus deserves some recognition.

Other Alternatives

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  • Ken Driver

    I like mediaplayerclassic. Uses little system resources and just does what I need flawlessly.

  • By Definition

    KM Player works best for me for one primary reason nobody has mentioned. Its bookmarks function, which I consider crucial. A single KM Player bookmark file can store 20-21 videos worth of bookmarks. Each of those 21 videos can hold — so far — unlimited numbers of bookmarks. Then, i employ macros inside windows (using AHK macros) to swap whole libraries of bookmarks in and out at the click of a link or a key command. Thus i can have thoroughly labelled and notated bookmarks for any scene or action i wish to recall. I would very much like to hear details about bookmark functionality in other media player programs. Thanks.

  • bud

    hi asraf, i suggest you try smplayer

  • Mike Boston

    I’ve tried all of these and prefer SMPlayer.

  • weylin

    Along with VLC and Potplayer I would like you to take a look at Wondershare Video player free.

  • Mountainking

    Asraf, that article is seriously OT mate. No offence but needs a rewrite :) The software selection is not so great and VLC as number 1, nah ;-)

  • sandip

    XBMC Media Center is also a competitor of Media Player Classic..

  • This article is original from. m2ts shootings into the application.
    In fact, it provides you with up to 24 channels of audio, turning your home
    office into a home theater.

  • jon

    Daum Potplayer is a major upgrade of KMPlayer, by the original developer. It is a more refined model (less the bugs in KM) and IMHO, better than VLC for quality, stability and style.

  • William

    @J.L.: Thanks of the tip

  • VLC does have many skins that can be downloaded from the VLC site & installed in the Program Files folder

  • J.L.

    I fixed the “Rebuilding font cache” via Tools > Preferences > All (Show settings) > Subtitles/OSD (Video) > Freetype2 font renderer (Text rendering module).
    Dummy font renderer works as well, but it doesn’t seem to display subtitles for a few of my anime videos.

  • Kuls_kalpoo

    Did u also compared the Daum PotPlayer with this mentioned player..if not,plz post the reviews for PotPlayer which thiough in beta stage have powerful features….And y not it have?…The person who developed KMplayer is building it !

  • jimbo

    Amazing how you can experience different results … PotPlayer/KMP work perfectly but hours of toil have never beaten the dreaded awful VLC audio – you think it’s fixed and the next moment it’s back – old versions worked ok.

  • Paul D

    @chump2012: As long as you keep K-Lite up to date (ie update each new release as it becomes available so that you get the quick update option), updating is absolutely painless.

  • chump2012

    Interestingly enough I have a totally different take on media players.

    I used to be one of those endlessly installing different media players and the like, until I tried Format Factory.

    Since I have been using Format Factory and its install codecs inside system, it has been Windows Media Player all the way. Interface is relatively simple and easy to use, can play every single video type, can auto update its library.

    I don’t need to take screenshots of videos, I don’t really need a graphic equaliser (though WMP has that)…it does what I need it to do. Play any video or audio file I want it to without lag, without issue, without problems.

    I used to be on the k-lite codec pack kick and a whole host of other programs, and I used to find issues installing and uninstalling, updating the program etc etc. Now I don’t need to do any of that.

    All in all I love WMP…its not particular bloated or anything – admiteddly its not lightweight but any machine I have tried it on I have not felt survere lag ( like I do for Itunes).

    I almost always now install format factory to take care of all the formats, and let WMP do the rest. Then the computer is good to go.

    No bugs, no problems, no issues, no updating really needed. :)

  • Tom

    @Kiwidave: Yes PotPlayer is the new VLC.

  • etim

    GOM has been my fav for several years–it does pretty much all (and sometimes more) that the more aggressively marketed VLC does except that it only works on windows.

    More importantly to me is that it has a much more user-friendly feel.

    I haven’t bothered with that windows piece of crap in so long that I forget it’s even on my rigs. Trying to uninstall it has caused weird bugginess in the past, so it just sits there, wasting space.

  • Mayank

    I m so angry coz u forgot the best competitor of VLC i.e. Media Player Classic or as we call it MPC.

  • lazyboy

    @Kiwidave: Love Daum PotPlayer and I hope it get’s a review here. It’s as good and if not better than VLC. softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Video/Video-Players/PotPlayer.shtml

  • smaragdus

    The Best:

    1. PotPlayer
    2. QQ Player
    3. Media Player Classic – Home Cinema
    4. SPlayer
    5. SMPlayer


    The Worst:

    1. QuickTime
    2. Windows Media Player
    3. RealPlayer
    4. BSPlayer
    5. Zoom Player

    The so called Best Media Player has almost no options and cannot render Unicode subtitles properly.

  • meldasue

    @Paul D: GOM also seems to be able to play some videos that won’t work on anything else – I keep it as a back-up.

    I like The KMP for my default – it starts quickly and I use the video capture a lot. When it comes to playing DRM’d video, like DVDs, however, I just use WMP – it’s just easier.

  • William

    @rol: I agree that KMPlayer is great but the bugs are really annoying and subtract from the experience.

  • William

    @Brent: Thanks, it has been a similar situation for myself.

  • William

    @Gene: Thanks for the tip Gene, I will look into that.

  • rol

    IMO, The KMPlayer WAS the best one, but with the last version (v3.4.0.59), I have often a strange message telling that the video and audio codecs cannot be connected. I have to kill it, but when I relaunch it to play the same video file, it works! Despite that problem, it is still one of my favourite media players.

  • Brent

    Hi Will…
    Great comparative article, thanks. I have to agree with your rating, VLC at No. 1.

    I have been using it for years and will ever so often try something new. But always revert back to VLC for the ease of use and great functionality.


  • unicorn02

    Media Player Classic Home Cinema is really all you need. Most of the other mentioned programs install more than 20 files on your system, which I consider myself as bulky.
    So my clear choice is MPC-HC

  • riya

    I use km player but I’ll try vlc too, even some of my friends said its really good. However, km player never gave me any problem all these years.

  • Gene

    The “Rebuilding font cache” message from VLC is almost certainly related to some defect in your system setup. I fixed this on at least one computer running Win 7 — trying to recall just what it was that I did. I think it may have involved a Direct-X Runtime that was not sufficiently up to date. (?) Anyway, you may find more conclusive info about this with a Google search.

  • Kiwidave

    Anybody tried PotPlayer? Tis pretty good.

  • Paul D

    GOM Player plays swf files, and will also serach the ‘net for codecs if they are not on your machine. Also has skins. I find it very similar to VLC, with a few more features.