Who has the guts to live in one of these ‘Hanging Houses’? [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Ever seen — in the movies, on TV, or in real life — a house or building built right on the edge of a cliff, gorge, or any other deep hole in the ground? The ‘Hanging Houses’ in Spain are sort of like that; they are built on the edge of cliffs with balconies hanging over the cliffs. The following is a photo of one of them; check it out:

Brief history lesson, for those that are interested: Known as ‘Casas Colgadas’ in Spanish, the origins of these Hanging Houses is unclear, but they are thought to have appeared as early as the 15th century. Some speculate the Muslims built them when they ruled Spain, but that is more speculation than fact. Located in Cuenca, Spain, these houses are tourist attractions now.

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