[Android] Use Changelog Droid to keep track of changes made to apps with updates

Changelog Droid is an interesting app that allows you to see before and after updates for all of your apps. This app is perfect for those times when you need to see the support that the developer has been giving an app over the course of its life.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

This app is designed to give curious users a glimpse at how their apps have changed over the course of updates. The app works by grabbing the changelogs posted by developers to Play Store and displaying them to you. It is designed to help the user get an idea of the developer’s commitment to the app in the long term view, or to simply know what has happened to the app in the last update.


  • Syncs all new updates directly from Google Play Store
  • Find updates manually or by notification
  • Find complete version history
  • Follow apps that you are considering
  • Blacklist apps to update


  • Still shows updates for disabled apps
  • Changelogs not always instant
  • If a developer does not post a changelog for his/her app to Play Store, Changelog Droid isn’t able to tell you what changed


Changelog Droid is a simple program that can actually prove to be quite useful. This app will display the changelogs of all of your apps. This allows you to easily see how hard the developer has been working towards the program. It also allows you to see which apps have become stagnant or inactive. This app will also help you stay updated by notifying you of an update or by allowing you to check for it manually.

Perhaps the most useful feature of this app is to have the ability to glance at complete changelogs for all of your apps. Scrolling through these lists allows you to easily see which apps are kept up with ad which apps are not. This can be incredibly useful when deciding whether or not to delete an app. You can also follow apps that you are contemplating on purchasing so you can see the potential for developer support. Additionally, you can blacklist apps that you don’t want to update.

While this app is incredibly simple, there are a couple areas where it falls short. For starters, the changelogs themselves are not always instantly updated. As a result, sometimes a new update won’t be known to you for a day or two. Additionally, the app will show you updates for apps you have disabled on your phone. This is unfortunate because the Google Play Store will not generally show you updates for these particular apps.

Conclusion and download link

Overall, this app is really fantastic for finding out the history of your favorite apps. It can be very interesting to find out which apps function correctly due to constant updating or which apps have fallen out of touch with modern usage. There aren’t really any short comings that are important enough to turn a potential user away from this app.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 3.3a

Requires: Android 2.2 and up

Download size: 1mb

Changelog Droid on Play Store

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