These are stunning images of Earth at night, as seen from space [Amazing Photo of the Day]

There are many things NASA does. One of the perks of their job is access to stunning photography of space, particularly Earth. And NASA has recently released absolutely stunning photos of Earth at night, as seen from space. You can check out the photos below, followed by a video; enjoy.


For those that are curious, the images you see above aren’t still shots per se. Rather, they are composites of cloud-free images taken from a satellite. That doesn’t mean they are any less stunning, but it is worth keeping in midn.

[via MyModernMet, NASA]

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  • AFPhys

    Very nice. I would like to see if I can locate some higher resolution images than these, Ashraf.

    Do you have the original URLs for them, or the location you got them from? That would help shorten my search time considerably.

  • sragan5

    Not only beautiful but informative. Thank you.

  • dadams

    Very nice images. Thank you for sharing.