Syrian rebels build homemade tank, deserve award for best Do It Yourself ever

Look at the above image. If you think it is of someone playing Call of Duty, you would be wrong. Rather, the above is an image of the targeting system for the Sham II, a homemade tank constructed by rebels in Syria. Yeah, you read that properly. Outgunned by the Syrian Army, the rebels have resorted to building their own weapons. In this case, a tank.

The Sham II is built using the chassis of a car (it isn’t clear exactly what car) and has a mounted machine gun controlled by a video game controller from inside the tank. There appears to be two LCDs inside the tank, one LCD feeding sight to the driver of the tank while the other LCD giving sight to the gunner. The following video gives a demo:

How well the Sham II will do against al-Assad’s real tanks is unclear (my guess is not very well), but I’m sure it beats the heck out of unarmored trucks.

[via The Verge]

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