Cut straight lines with these Laser Guided Scissors [Amazing Photo of the Day]

How many dotTechies are ‘Do It Yourself’ type people? If you are, you have probably used a laser level; you know, those gadgets that draw straight lines with a laser pointer on walls, floors, etc. to help you properly align shelves, tiles, etc. However, I bet you haven’t used Laser Guided Scissors before — check it out:


Pretty cool, eh?

[via Facebook]

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  • John

    I have a pair of these from Poundland. Yes they cost £1. The scissor part is ok, but the lazer beam is a bit too wide to cut an accurate line. Perhaps there are more expensive versions with thinner lazer beams. So I can confirm that this is not a photoshop hoax.

  • Paul D

    Waste of time and money until thay invent something that can hold your hand steady

  • jayesstee

    I didn’t get the Kleenex ™ reference either, but putting the laser on the scissors ain’t going to work is it?
    The laser beam only tells you where the scissors are (which you can see without a laser beam!)
    If your scissor hand moves 1/8″ to one side, the laser beam will probly move even further away from the desired straight line.
    And I bet it’s photoshopped (joke).

  • whomeis

    Whoopee! Another something for the government to control.

  • ds5929

    What the heck, I’m a Don too,so I’ll weigh in.
    Try a ruler and pencil. Looks like the infantalizing of the consumer continues apace

  • Ashraf

    @DonFG: You must be one of those that can cut straight lines.

  • DonFG

    Doesn’t really make any sense to have a laser on your scissors. It’s like putting a laser on a Kleenex to blow your nose.