Difference between how Apple, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, and HP market their products [Comic]

Manu Cornet is an artist that likes to criticize. As we have seen in his previous comics, Cornet loves making fun of tech companies… especially Apple and Microsoft (which is not surprising because Cornet works for Google, a rival to Apple and Microsoft). There is even a comic poking fun at DRM content.

Today I have yet another Cornet comic to share with you; this comic once again pokes fun at tech companies. Check it out:


[via Manu Cornet]

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  • after all they are leaders in the computer world.

  • Knight Runner

    @Bull: 100% accurate requirements for a Google product.

  • Bull

    As with anything Google (and any big corporation nowadays) I thought to amend the GBATTERY a bit…



    – Access to personal files including photos, videos, contacts, any accounts you may have.

    – Requires Google Account to use.

    – Syncing all files with Google Servers.

    – Loaction Services: Tries to access GPS to determine you whereabouts at any given time.

    – Will make Your G+ account public on the internet for others to view

    – Must agree to Googles Private Policy Statement.