Man and tiger hug each other [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Anyone Ever watch ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’? For those that haven’t, it is a TV show that features various different types of amazing acts by people, much of which are really unbelievable but true. A man hugging a tiger really could belong on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Check it out:


…I doubt this is real.

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  • Paul

    The man in the photo is South African naturalist Kevin Richardson. It’s a promotional photograph for his latest movie.

  • Paul

    The “vertical bands” on the hind legs of the tiger are foreground prairie grasses resulting from the depth of field of the camera.

    This image is not manipulated.

  • jayesstee

    This obsession is contagious. I just looked at the full sized image.
    Have you noticed the vertical “bands” on the camera side of the tiger’s hind legs? A suspicious person might wonder if they are artefacts resulting from “object removal”.
    Also the hind paws. Is the left hind paw firmly on the ground? Does the angle of the left hind paw’s toes look quite right?

    I still love the image, though.

  • JMJ

    Now I’m obsessed and not so sure. Just for fun, I found this full-size image, hoping to support my opinion: After looking at it briefly, among other realistic features, I noticed the highlight between the man’s brows. Hmmm? Looks pretty authentic, huh?

    Any forensic photographers in the house?

  • jayesstee

    @JMJ: Yes I agree about the size aspect. I think the photo tiger is possibly 400 + + +, it certainly is a massive beast.
    Your post reminded me that a neighbour had a large German Sheppard and when that put it’s paws on you, you knew you were being leant on.
    That was small by comparison, I guess around 200lbs. So 400 – 600 lbs would feel very heavy!
    However when you see the photo, it does make you think it is just it’s cute, cuddly (but large) kitty-cat, does it not?

  • JMJ

    @jayesstee: Thanks for the link to that amazing video of Aspinall & Family. The affection displayed in this photo is not unheard of. Among others, Siegfreid & Roy, of Las Vegas fame, proved that. I just don’t think THIS photo is genuine and un-retouched for the reasons mentioned. I’m a very fit, pretty big guy who owns a German Shepherd whose mere 101 lbs. is *noticeable* when he puts his paws on my shoulders to give me doggy hugs. This cat is at least 150% the size of the largest in “your” video and probably weighs 400+ lbs.

    Aside: I don’t scuba alone or drive without a seat belt. Without two powerful sidearms and one tranquilizer pistol, no way would I enter a cage with such a large, potentially lethal animal. Under no circumstances would I let my young child do so. I’ve had a dozen pet cats over the years and every single one, at some time or other, “forgot” to keep in its claws when playing.

  • jayesstee

    I’d bet good money that this is real!
    A guy called John Aspinall ran a couple of zoos in Kent UK, where he ran projects to breed an re-introduce to the wild, several species of wild animals including tigers and gorillas. He died in 2000, but his son carries on the good work.
    John Aspinall upset the experts and the local Authorities (you know, the ones with clipboards) by freely interfacing with the tigers and gorillas. Not only that, he took his (then) young children in to their enclosures.
    I’m sure there are lots on YouTube, but have a look at:
    After about 1min 24seconds, the video gets to tigers. Watch this and believe!
    This isn’t Photoshopped, because:
    a) it was published in 1976 and
    b) it was witnessed by many people, including the local Authority Officials.
    Just to confirm the tigers were fully toothed and clawed, they managed to kill a couple of keepers over the years. That really narked the clipboard wielders.

  • BeeGee

    You guys all have it wrong . . . the tiger is clearly trying to decide if the guy has enough meat now or should he wait a few more days to see if the guy will gain a pound or two more . . .

  • JMJ

    @Shawn – You got that right!!!
    @s66 – Very funny… I guess. :) Are you from Iowa where they have even more corn?
    @Ashraf – Oh, ye of little faith, I ask the same sorta question as s66. But, in your defense: That guy is pretty skinny and seems to have no problem supporting what must be a 400+ lb animal. And would he be wearing jeans and sneakers on safari in (judging from the tree) Africa ? Not likely.

    Nice sentimental photo, anyway.

  • Ashraf

    @Shawn: Hehe…
    @s66: Now that you mention it…

  • s66

    …I doubt this is real.

    You think he’s lion?

  • Shawn

    Reminds me of Christian the lion story… I’ve got cats but seriously anything with paws bigger than my head I try to avoid xD