‘Elephant Tree Arch’ is a man-made wooden elephant with a tree on top [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Often nature has awesome views and structures. Sometimes, man creates awesome structures. ‘Elephant Tree Arch’ in Garden Folly is one such man-made structure.

Check out the image below. It is of the ‘Elephant Tree Arch’ in Garden Folly, a wooden structure carved to look like an elephant with a tree on top. Check it out:

Update: Okay, this may not be a real thing but rather a digitally manufactured creation. Damn…


[via Facebook]

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  • Nite Owl

    Haha, looks like a giant Chia pet…….

  • Mike

    Too bad–would really like this topiary wonder to exist, apart from digitally! But even digitally, a nice shot for the day–

  • Ashraf

    @EleventhHour: What the hell… Now I guess it makes sense that I couldn’t find any information about the Arch on Google LOL!

  • EleventhHour

    Garden Folly seems to be the name of whimsical garden designs, not an actual location.