dotTech e-mail notifications have been temporarily disabled… again…


Once again dotTech’s one-email-per-new-article email notifications have been disabled thanks to some jerk falsely flagging our emails as spam. I’m working with my webhost to rectify the issue but they are asking me to pay $125 because this is the third incident this year and they suspect dotTech really is spamming (when we aren’t). Yes, I’m pissed right now but there is nothing I can do except pay the money and bite the bullet. Thanks to whomever caused all this pain; you enjoyed dotTech articles since 2010 and now decided to screw us.

Along with dotTech’s one-email-per-new-article emails, comment email notifications are also disabled. Subscribers of dotTech’s one-email-per-day are not affected and those emails continue to be delivered as normal.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone and thank you for your patience.

-Mr. Boss

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  • riya

    In these 3 months, after I found your site, it has become one of my top favs and I learnt a lot from the articles and even from comments! :D
    I don’t why they’re troubling you like that for no reason… I mean, I had reported a few spams before but no action was taken against them and they kept on coming… I hope you find a much better webhost than your current one.

  • Mary


    I can be “unreasonable and thoughtless” when I need to be! ;)

    *whips out ninja stars*

  • JMJ

    P.S. : If the high-road thingy doesn’t pan out, though Mary seems too reasoned and thoughtful to join up, I’m sure jayesstee and Lance would join me on a ninja-commando-Navy Seal-type Super Sayan raid on your host’s servers.

    For security purposes, don’t reply here. If it’s a “go”, just post an article tomorrow that includes the code words, “Federal prison”. We’ll take it from there.

  • JMJ

    Hang in there, Ashraf. I can tell that you are a gentleman. So, keep to the high ground… especially here and especially now. The cream always rises to the top.

    And, do not, i.e., DO NOT unsubscribe anyone absent their express request. You have EARNED your following and anyone who, like me, CHOOSES to be informed by you, should have his/her wishes respected. Nobody throws away his client list…. nobody! You shouldn’t either.

    Illegitimi non carborundum.

  • Lance
  • jayesstee

    @Hal: @Mary: @Ashraf:
    Annual re-subscribing is a brilliant idea. Even more frequently, if it stops the “Mutants” screwing dotTech!

  • Mary

    @Ahraf…Remember, you get what you pay for!

    Instead of paying this current web host that 125.00, use it to get another host, and tell your current one to go pound sand. Would be nice if maybe this current host even visited this site, and maybe even subscribed to it! ;)

    It amazes me that it is only 1 – 3 people doing it, and the host puts you on a sh*t list. Thousands, or even hundreds maybe, but not a mere 3. That tells me a lot about the hosting company itself.

    Good customer service does not make for a good product. Obviously they aren’t as good as you give them credit for or this wouldn’t be happening to you.

    I like the re-subscribe idea posted by Hal! I’ve had that with other sites too.
    How about you have a mandatory re-subscription also? Once a year, send your subscribers an email asking them to re-subscribe. This way, those who “forgot” or don’t know how to un-subscribe, won’t, and those of us who still want to, can just click on the link in the email that automatically refreshes our subscription. I wouldn’t mind doing it. Anyone not clicking that link, would no longer be subscribed, unless they do it manually later on.

    I still can’t log in today. Keep getting that error, from both login links on the page.

    Good luck Ashraf!

  • Hal

    too bad people can not just remove themselves from the mailing list, instead of marking as spam. I agree some newsletters are very hard to get away from, they make themselves so hard to unsubscribe from but yours is easy, no hassle at all.
    I have couple that I have to re-scribe to each year or they stop sending, would that be an option for you…..
    I know one of the first things I look for is your newsletter

  • JT

    For what it’s worth I’ve never intentionally marked any of Dottech’s e-mails as spam, BUT as many of us work with touch screen devices we all know how easy it is to be fat fingered sometimes, and tap on something you didn’t mean to. One time before I’ve read something, and went to move the file to the trash, but the spam folder was right above the trash, and accidentally clicked on the spam folder instead of trash. Don’t know if they consider that as flagging it as spam or not, but that’s definitely NOT what I was trying to do. I never want to unsubscribe, some articles I read, and then delete, and others I read and keep. I think it’s ridiculous that they give you so many problems over something that can be a simple mistake! My sincere apologies if anything I’ve done is causing you any of this, but I promise you it was an honest mistake, and not laziness in any way. Maybe this information would help in explaining the situation to your hosting service. To mark something as spam you should have to go to another website and fill out a form, not just simply click move to a wrong folder, or anything like that. Thanks for all you do with this site, it really is appreciated more than you know.

  • Shawn


    Did you ever think of marketing your logo at zazzle and cafepress? I’m sure lots of us would love to buy custom gear stuff to help out…

    I for one would love to get my hands on a DotTech Coffee Mug… heck I considered just last year with your suggestions you saved me over 500$ and I’m sure many others have saved as well..

    If you need a hand with those two sites let me know I’m working on a project of my own to increase revenue of other projects on my side..

  • Shawn


    For sure if the company that you deal with is always blaming you and not offering solutions to the issues doesn’t matter how cheap they are

    1, Due to non redundant backup’s you we’re down for one Business Day. So in my book they should compensate for your lost of revenue.

    2. Let’s see humm… with your power of connections in regards to the tech industry you tell people this hosting is crap and they will lose major business…

    Well goodluck with theses idiots and well I’m sure people here might have some suggestions for better hosting services good luck with that…

  • Mike

    I’m sorry that you’re in this situation, Ashraf. It’s unfortunate that subscribers are taking the “easy way out” and marking the mail as spam, especially where they have been subscribers and so know that it would be safe to unsubscribe (sometimes it isn’t and simply confirms an email address to spammers).

    It’s also unfortunate that your webhost’s reaction is not realistic in the face of how human beings are and act, taking the easiest road. And all of this is based on the reaction of 3 subscribers–3 people making something as spam sets the reality?

  • Bull

    Well these people are now costing you money. If I were you I would ban the IP addresses on those who fail to click the unsubscribe link and instead, click on the spam button. It’s laziness i tell you…laziness.

    Does this sound over the top? No not really. When you think about it, people are affecting your lively hood, taking your had earned money out of your wallet. Thats money that can be used for bills or food for your family. They dont care…then ban them.

  • jayesstee

    Are you sure you are not under attack? See second part of Mary’s comment (#4) at:

    This is similar to the case I told you about in my PM to you yesterday?

  • Ashraf

    @Shawn: The thing is Ive been with Turnkey Internet for overtwo years now and for the most part they have been great, especially their tech support. And their prices are literally unbeatable — the same server would cost 50-100% extra elsewhere. However, since November Ive had had nothing but trouble from them. And I dont care how cheap their prices are — nothing makes up for being falsely accused and being called a liar. So, yeah, Im contemplating moving away but I wont be able to find a new host so quickly. So it looks like Ill simply have to pay the $125 and just chalk it up to bad luck.

  • Shawn

    $125 well I’m guessing it’s time to shop for another hosting company…as for the one causing the issues with the spam… I’d get his whole damn isp blocked…trust me the others would make sure that this individual no longer causes a issue.

    You do know a nice little pixel image does wonders for ip tracking =) anything that get’s re-bounced from a main ip will let you know when the block started xD

  • Ashraf

    @Tom: Nah I dont think dotTech is being targeted. It is just people who no longer want the emails but instead of unsubscribing (yes we have an unsub link in every email) they are marking as spam.
    My webhosts are potentially being the biggest jerks — more or less calling me a liar when I explain the situation.

  • Tom

    It sounds like you are being targeted… probably by the same individual… possibly related to a software program you down-rated…

    What I don’t get is your webhost’s reaction when they know your subscribe/unsubscribe policy. If someone accuses you of spamming, they need to provide proof, not just click a “this is spam” button. I quit reporting spam years ago because it never had an effect, and I grew tired quickly of sending full header cut/pastes to backup my reports). Now I just rely on Google.

    You can help yourself by ensuring that your email subscriptions each have an “unsubscribe” link (maybe you do that already… I don’t know as I haven’t yet subscribed to your mailings).

  • Ashraf

    @Hamza: Or they just dont care. What pisses me off the most is two of the three people in question were subscribers for over two years…

  • Hamza

    Some Dottech readers are really deaf!