dotTech e-mail notifications have been temporarily disabled… again…


Once again dotTech’s one-email-per-new-article email notifications have been disabled thanks to some jerk falsely flagging our emails as spam. I’m working with my webhost to rectify the issue but they are asking me to pay $125 because this is the third incident this year and they suspect dotTech really is spamming (when we aren’t). Yes, I’m pissed right now but there is nothing I can do except pay the money and bite the bullet. Thanks to whomever caused all this pain; you enjoyed dotTech articles since 2010 and now decided to screw us.

Along with dotTech’s one-email-per-new-article emails, comment email notifications are also disabled. Subscribers of dotTech’s one-email-per-day are not affected and those emails continue to be delivered as normal.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone and thank you for your patience.

-Mr. Boss

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