Dictators are like little children throwing tantrums [Comic]

If we look back in human history, we will find more dictators (in the form of monarchies or otherwise) than nations ruled by the common man. (I will refrain from saying ‘democratic’ simply because democracy is more a politically charged term than anything else.) If you could describer dictators in one comic, what would it be? Check it out:


[via Manu Cornet]

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  1. JonE

    I prefer the term Republic; that is the term our Founding Fathers used. They also refrained from the term democracy. But I suppose that could be argued considering that our current elected government is hell bent towards the goal of giving them all the power and little by little taking our freedoms away from us. Unfortunately we only have ourselves to blame for it.

    Indeed Dictators are little children prone to throwing tantrums. One could also use the term spoiled and be right on the mark. Not their fault really; it’s the way they were raised. Every child that I’ve ever seen throw a tantrum is spoiled rotten and made to believe they can do no wrong.