Heart River is a river that forms the shape of a heart [Amazing Photo of the Day]

The Missouri River is the longest river in the United States and used as a major source of water for the nation. A tributary of the Missouri River (aka a river that flows into the Missouri) is the Heart River in North Dakota, United States. Why exactly is Heart River called ‘Heart River’? I don’t really know why, but my guess is because at one point it forms the shape of a heart. Check it out:


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  • JHS

    [@Ashraf] Hey Ashraf: 90% of what’s on the internet is bs

  • JHS

    Hey Ashraf: 95% of what you see on the internet is BS. [@Ashraf]

  • JHS

    Hey Ashraf: 95% of what you see on the internet is BS.

  • Tiffanie

    [@DrTszap] Thank You for providing everyone with that information :) including myself, i lived Right there tried finding the info myself as to who ‘created’ the photo…took about 2 min thanks to you lol

  • Tiffanie

    there really was no argument about it being the “Largest” Mississippi is technically largest, however the Missouri is probably the ‘meanest’ fast moving, extreme currents & undertows, constantly moving sandbars that fall away from under your feet in the blink of an eye…literally. etc i do wish the photo was real, but it IS FAKE. i lived along the Missouri And the Heart River (yes, it is a River, not a stream to whoever said that) ..it’s a big enough river for my friends’ cousin to drown in, as well as others (grown men), sorry NOT a stream) The place where the Heart runs into the Missouri was actually directly east of my place, just over the hill as well as a favorite campsite of ours…..EXTREMELY beautiful country…funny when i constantly hear ppl saying how horribly flat and ugly ND is…they are so clueless. lol visit Bismarck-Mandan or Anywhere along the rivers or check out Lake Sacacajawea

  • Eric989

    @Fredxyz987: I remember when this issue came up in sixth grade as two of our textbooks disagreed with each other on which was longest. Our teacher wrote the publisher asking for an explanation. If I remember correctly, at the time there was some dispute over where the Missouri River actually started and ended and depending on the starting and ending positions it swapped places with the Mississippi. Anyway, it was something like that.
    @kevbo: Obviously since the Missouri empties all of its water into the Mississippi, the Mississippi would have to have more water discharge. Although, there may be some bizarre scenario where that wouldn’t always be true.

  • kevbo

    Interestingly enough, although the Missouri is the LONGEST river in the US, the Mississippi is the LARGEST river, a combined calculation of its length, watershed area, and average discharge at its mouth; on these combined criteria it dwarfs the Missouri by comparison and is considered to be one of the LARGEST, albeit not the longest, rivers in the world.

  • Fredxyz987

    “The Missouri River is the longest river in the United States…”

    Gosh, and I always thunked it twas da Mississippi:)

    Happy New Year!

  • jayesstee

    @Ashraf: New category for dotTech: “[Hoax of the day]“?

  • JonE

    Guess that answers that question; I tried to verify the validity of this photo myself, but could not.

    However; the Heart River is indeed a tributary of the Missouri River in Western North Dakota. Why is it called Heart River? Umm, sorry; don’t know. You’d have to ask Louis & Clark. Maybe it’s because on it’s journey it flows through South Heart, but I really don’t know. Also it is classified as a stream, not a river.

    There is also a Heart River in Wyoming and Alberta Canada. I did find some evidence that there may be some real heart shaped water ways in the Amazon, but that’s all I have time for today.

  • Ashraf

    @DrTszap: Dang :-(

  • DrTszap

    ‘Fraid so 8-(

    From https://plus.google.com/102679111540717383584/posts/1a7VpfC3zB1:

    “G+ Hoaxes #5 | Heart River

    The image is not a real aerial photo. It was created for Energie AG by Andreas Fitzner and Sabine Wehinger from the Vienna Paint digital studio.

    See the HD image ? goo.gl/koAhO
    Source ? viennapaint.com/work/archive.php (see: 3D > Photo 14)”

  • Ashraf

    @kevbo: Really? :-(

  • kevbo

    Not real.