Acer president thinks consumers need to give Windows 8 more time


While the usual talk about Windows 8 is people criticizing it, it looks like we’ll be starting 2013 with quite the opposite. Acer president Jim Wong has come to the defense of Microsoft’s latest operating system, saying that it is actually a very good OS and that consumers will eventually adapt to it.

“Windows 8 is a major milestone for 2012, but it is also a new system that consumers must learn and the learning process will prevent the operating system from taking off quickly,” Wong toldDigitimes. “However, many of the concerns and criticisms concerning Windows 8 have been rather unfair.”

He then goes on to praise Microsoft for innovating and taking risks with Windows 8, saying that it integrates touchscreen functionality with a traditional PC experience. Wong also says that research at Acer shows that a consumer would want to use his or fingers to touch  any display he or she sees after controlling touchscreen product for more than 20 minutes. He also believes that “touchscreen control is an irreversible trend.”

While I’m sure everyone would agree that touchscreen control is the future, I’m not so sure about everything else.

Do you agree or disagree with the Acer president’s sentiments? Let us know in the comments!

[via BGR]

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  • Rob (Down Under)

    There is a web site that has separate forums for XP, Win7 and Win8
    There are some very experienced knowledgeable members.
    I posted (in the Win8 forum) my distaste for MS’s arrogance in the past, and that they have now gone too far with Win8.
    The reason that MS has been ‘allowed’ to do that, is because the public (and web sites like say DotTech) HAVE NOT stood up to MS and given MS the flack it deserves.
    In response to my post on the Win8 forum, two of the well respected experts are suggesting that we should give Win8 the contempt it deserves (for normal PCs) and wait until Win9.
    PS Win9 may be worse, unless sites start giving MS some flack on their arrogance (hint to DotTech)

  • Col. Panek

    @John: John, you can upgrade your OS and have it look like whatever you like:

  • John

    I hate W8 ! My PC is not a toy (Fisher Price etc).
    40% of PCs run XP and Office 2003. By all means upgrade the OS but give a choice of GUI. The XP GUI is very user friendly, W7 not so much and W8 a nightmare. Change for changes sake is a very bad idea.

  • michel

    @Rob (Down Under): yeah, you too. There’s more to the world than Microsoft, and you’re avoiding the points I made.

    Have a nice day.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Quickly off the top of my head, some facts jump to mind –
    – PC suppliers not allowed to deliver new PCs with previous OS
    – Docx documents being received ‘forced’ businesses to upgrade to latest office, so that they could open docx’s, xlsx’s they were receiving (There were workarounds but MS FAILED to make that easy)
    – Ribbons foisted upon businesses, used up employers and staff times adapting from well established routines.
    – Abandoning Classic Start Menu, and forcing the ‘Lucky Dip’ alternative, with no option to revert to classic mode.
    You appear to have made up your mind, so I won’t further clutter up this thread.

  • Col. Panek

    @Rob (Down Under): The government needs to enforce a level playing field against monopolies just like it did against the railroads and Big Oil in the last century. Somehow you think you have NO CHOICE but Windows. Go to Munich!

  • michel

    @Rob (Down Under): You seem to be the first person here calling for government interference with business. Your reasons are opinions, not facts, and protectionist as well. Why should the government protect one business from another? WHy should they interfere to protect jobs? Remember, business took those jobs overseas for business reasons.

    No one is forced to upgrade. Stay with 20th-century technology if you like.

  • DoktorThomas

    I don’t think much of Acer, so it is no surprise that its president’s comments are not worth a grain of salt.

    Some persistent users may adapt, but the point of all the negative discourse on win(H)8 [© 2012] is that users would rather revert than switch … AND the negativity is evidence that MSFT has no understanding of users, the marketplace or the industry. The negative response also indicates that while portable faux computers (I don’t use “tablets” because those are yellow sheets with blue lines bound together) are a fad now, true seasoned users still prefer PCs. Manufactures, however, would rather sell the nothing portable units at inflated prices–resist. Finally, who needs another winOS? XP is wonderful, but limited; so win7 running virtual XP is a good alternative. MSFT creates these new unneeded OS versions to pocket a few billion more dollars; nothing of value is really added–except code bloat to their new OSs. Many of MSFT’s basic assumptions prevent winOS from ever evolving beyond XP.

    From a technology perspective, those next-to-nothing pocket computers are EPA brown site disasters waiting to happen. Wrongful disposal of dead units may be criminal in some jurisdictions… Get a Nook wet and it is dead meat; get real book wet and the result is a few wrinkled pages.

    I’ll take those large heavy bulky albatross (repairable) desktops every day of the week and twice on weekends. (Eventually we’ll all be building our own–keep those old software disks… PC manufactures are apparently clueless.)
    ~Doktor Thomas™

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I would be the last person that feels governments should interfere with business.
    However MS is different for a few VERY IMPORTANT reasons –
    1) Their OS (Mainly XP) is a necessity for most businesses.
    2) Businesses have been suffering greatly due to the loss of jobs to overseas.
    c) Businesses should not be forced to replace Software, in those hard times.
    d) MS has forced businesses to replace software, by their arrogant money grabbing tactics.
    Yup that is one business that governments should have been interfering with.

    PS Businesses not only have the cost of replacing software but they have increased ‘training’ / learning costs and downtime (lost time) getting up to speed with the new software. It is unacceptable that MS was allowed to get away with forcing those costs on to struggling businesses.

  • Oxygun

    If PC manufacturers wanted to, they could force M$ to do something to fix the situation: offer downgrades to Win 7 or (the obvious) give Win 8.5 the gift of a choice of UI’s ASAP & let the user decide.

    Such could still happen and probably will if things continue as they have. M$ is stubborn but they aren’t stupid.

  • Jim Carter

    In order to get the full Windows 8 experience, the only viable option at this point is an All-In-One PC. It should comply with Microsoft hardware standards (5 point touch) for AIO devices. Standalone touchscreen monitors are currently overpriced and small. I’d also advise ONLY applications that are designed for Windows 8. Manufacturers are playing catch up, so be patient.

  • michel

    @Rob (Down Under): So you think the government should interfere with business? Socilaist.

  • Harry44Callahan

    Might be OK for a tablet where you have little use for a key board and have to hold with one hand while you poke with the other. But why would anyone want to reach way out to touch their screen on a laptop or desktop, when the obvious and immediate controls are at their fingertips? Isn’t this another example of technology that slows productivity, in the name of marketing something new and unique?

  • Henfracar

    Any thing, OS or otherwise, which requires to be ‘patched’ almost before it is sold to the public is very obviously flawed, incomplete, or both, and should have been recalled or banned. Is it any surprise, therefore why Win8 is catching its arse to take off?

  • One of these days, some manufacturer will grow the cojones to sell a PC without the Windows tax. Sell your Microsoft stock before that happens.
    Samsung could do that. Make a bigger tablet with a fold-out keyboard, more connectors…. big enough to sit on a lap…

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I’ll tell you what the Acer President should do.
    Tell MS to F… off, if they ever again forbid PC manufacturers from offering customers the choice to install an earlier version of Windows.
    And if I were the President of the US (or ‘Europe’) MS would wonder what the H… hit them.