[Windows] Listen to your favorite internet radio stations with Radio Player X10

Radio Player X10When I am working on the computer, I love to listen to music. Since I sometimes have to take my work with me, I am not always at home to listen to my CD player or radio. That is why I have fallen in love with internet radio. However, I have always wished that there was an easier way to search and play my favorite stations easily from my desktop. Well, Radio Player X10 promises to be just the program I have been looking for.


Main Functionality

Radio Player X10 is a radio player that allows you to listen to your favorite internet stations without the hassle of searching the web for a broadcast. Radio Player X10 was originally part of Media Player X10, but due to its popularity, it was made into a standalone version.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Popular music stations for you to easily click on and listen to
  • 14 stations available for you to listen to
  • Not resource hungry


  • No way to add in your own favorite stations
  • Button graphical problems (on vista)


Radio Player X10 SceenshotRadio Player X10 is a good program, but it falls just short of being great. The program does allow you to listen to great internet radio stations, but they are pre-loaded in. So this means that the 14 stations they give you are the only ones you can listen to. Although they have some great choices, it would have been nice to be able to stream favorite stations.

The stations you have access to are: Absolute Radio Classic Rock, Real Radio, Gold, Heart, Capital FM, Classic FM, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, Absolute Radio 60s, Absolute Radio 70s, Absolute 80s, and Absolute Radio 90s. Most people should be able to find a radio station that they want to listen to from this list.

To play a station all you have to do is click on that station, and the program does the rest. You can control the volume right from Radio Player X10 if you want. There are some other buttons, but they did not display correctly in Vista. However, after some trial and error, I found out that these buttons are “Stop”, “About” and “Close.”

The real problem with this radio station is that it feels dated when compared to all of the other ways you can listen to your favorite music nowadays. For example, people usually listen to things like Last FM or Pandora Radio. This way you can make stations that play only music that you like.

However, if you really like music from, let’s say…the 90s, this program is going to play all the hits for you. This could make it a lot easier for people who don’t want to take the time to set up a Pandora account. I listened to a few of the stations for a bit, and they do play some pretty good music (assuming you like music from the era you choose).


In short, Radio Player X10 is a good program, but it’s not great. Most of you probably have your own way of listening to music on your computer, and this program has nothing new to offer you. However, if you just want a few pre-loaded stations, Radio Player X10 has just what you need.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.0

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/ 8

Download size: 1MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/46

Is it portable? No

Radio Player X10 homepage

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  • Wayne

    StreamWriter offers recording and a huge list of stations that can be sorted by many genres. New URL’s can be easily added from radio web sites.

  • Calgarian2011

    I simply use the free version of WinAmp. Has Hundreds of stations to choose from. Searchable as well. You can add your own Web station also.

  • Al

    You are correct, no place for favorites like in the older version … yet. It’s only a work in progress I think, so hopefully this will be addressed. As far as music categories, the search field can be used to list them, but not having to do category searches would be nice.

  • lifeartist

    @Al: I’ve had a look, a nice interface but it didn’t allow a favorites list and to list stations by type of music.

  • Al

    The latest Screamer Radio (free) puts the others to shame https://nightly.steamcore.se/

  • Al
  • The Radio Player May Not Be As Advanced as Radio Sure But it is only the 1st version of the program. The next version will include more stations and more features. Thank you for feedback and if you like Please go to the suggest a idea page on the official site and contact us with radio sites you would like to be featured. Prydec Software always listens to its users and will always take your ideas seriously.
    link : http://prydecsoftware.co.uk/suggest-an-idea/


    Prydec Software

  • lifeartist

    Although I keep trying other radio players I always return to Radiosure due to its simple format and number of stations. I’m not sure why I would want something that played the BBC stations when I can go direct.

  • Mike M

    Thanks for the review enjoyed the read. I will have to give this a try.

  • I am sorry to hear that the radio player has problems with windows vista and i am currently looking into the problem. When i last tested on windows vista the program performed perfectly and all buttons showed up fine. You will be able to add your own stations and select a wider range of stations hopefully by the next version. Thank you for taking time to right a review for Radio Player X10.


    Prydec Software