[Windows] Manage memos, notes, and desktop stickies with Efficient Notes Free Portable

Efficient Notes Free PortableDo you take a lot of notes and memos on your computer? If so, you could probably benefit from a program that easily helps you manage all of these notes. That is just what Efficient Notes Free Portable does. This is a program that helps you manage all of your desktop stickies, notes and memos in one interface. Not only that, but the program has a very nice edit function that feels very similar to Microsoft Word.


Main Functionality

Efficient Notes Free Portable allows you to manage and edit all of your notes, memos and stickies in one easy-to-use interface. The program also comes with a text editing program that feel very similar to Microsoft Word, so the learning curve should be small. This program allows you to add URLs, emotions, lists, pictures, tables, and even attachments to your notes and memos. You even have the option to change your background color or make a picture your background.


  • Manage all of your notes, memos and stickies from one location
  • Powerful text editor that feels similar to Microsoft Word to help minimize the learning curve
  • Add URLs, pictures, tables, lists, emotions, and even attachments to your notes
  • Change your background color or choose a picture from your computer to act as your background
  • Integrates the leading features of desktop notes so you can post stickies directly to your Windows desktop
  • You can protect your private information with passwords


  • There is so much you can do with this program, that it may feel overwhelming at first
  • Many features are disabled in the free version after the initial 30-days trial, unless you purchase the paid version


Efficient Notes Free Portable ScreenshotI have to say, I was very impressed with Efficient Notes Free Portable. When I first went to use it, I was not expecting very much…just another “note manager” for Windows. However, what I got surpassed my expectations in just about every way.

First, let me start off by saying that it is nice to have all of my notes in one area. Before Efficient Notes Free Portable, I was using different programs to take notes, because each one offered a different ability that the other one didn’t. Now, thanks to the powerful text editor that comes with Efficient Notes Free Portable, I was able to manage all my notes in one location.

While we are on the subject of the text editor, let me just say that I was very happy with it. The program itself reminded me a lot of Microsoft Word in style. Thus, it only took me a few moments to figure my way around. When you first bring up the program, just click “Add Note”, and the text editor pops right up, allowing you to create your new note.

On top of that, there is a lot you can actually add to each note. This does include tables, lists, attachments, pictures, emotions, and URLs. Just about anything you need to put into a note, you can do with the text editor they give you. Have private information you need to put into your notes? Don’t worry! Efficient Notes Free Portable even gives you a password protection system to protect all of your sensitive data.


If you are looking for a way to better organize your notes, you can’t go wrong with Efficient Notes Free Portable. The program can be run right of a USB stick, so you can take it with you on the go. Also, with the powerful text editor that comes with the program, you should be able to make any changes you want to your notes.

Take note that some of the features are only available in the free version as a 30-day trial. After the 30 days, those features will be disabled unless you purchase the paid version. The comparison chart on the homepage (link below) shows you exactly what you will get to keep after 30 days and what you won’t.

Price: Free (Pro version also available)

Version reviewed: 3.10 build 327

Supported OS: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8

Download size: 7.39MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/46

Is it portable? Yes

Efficient Notes Free Portable homepage

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  • Rob (Down Under)

    Here is a link to Gizmo’s rankings/reviews of these programs –
    The most recent post, is me nagging them to mention portable.
    (I probably will receive no thanks from them either)

  • stilofilos

    @Rob (Down Under): Yes, that’s actually the adventures I was talking about. But it’s safe to do indeed, the result of it works exactly like the installed version (no missing functionality at all), and it is absolutely portable in the sense you sketched.
    And as said : I lost both its registry items and ‘documents etc’ files when windows crashed, so it is de factu portable, and it still works impeccably, as well from my D as from its backup on H as from a usb stick.
    Long live windows crashes, they are the best proof that portable applications rock…

  • stilofilos

    @Mr.Dave: well, glad that I could have been of any help.
    Yes, theoretically that should all be possible. But I have no experience with cloud storage, nor with remote access procedures – maybe I’m too freaky when it comes to security…
    I would imagine eventual incompatibility issues in the cloud storage as your browser would have to simultaneously manage both your link with the server and the opening of the file , but as said, I have no expertise with that and maybe I’m just imagining virtual issues… Of course, your friend could just download the file from there and open it afterwards from his/her own hard disk.

  • Mr.Dave

    @stilofilos: Thanks, Stilofilos, that’s some helpful information. Sounds like I can put the results created with Twine into a folder on a friend’s hard drive (or maybe a link on Dropbox or similar service???) and they will be able to use the file. I can picture a menu of programs, another menu of “what do you want to do today” and maybe another of file extensions. All would end up at the same detailed pages showing how to start and use certain programs.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I have good news. You can make a portable version of TreeDBNotes. There is an option in the Tools menu ‘Copy program onto a Flash drive’
    You can make the folder on your C drive if you wish. This is for the Pro version, but the free version also has this option –

  • stilofilos

    Didn’t dig deeper in it meanwhile, and I’m not at home in website matters either, but if it can help with your hosting question at this stage : it does not need to be a website to be opened in a browser : there are just normal file types that you can have stored on your disk and read in your browser, like .epub e-books, .xml , help files delivered with some applications, …
    And exactly notebooks like the ones passing the revue here can export pages as .html files… to read in your browser as well.
    So i guess that most probably Shawn’s thingy will create such kind of a file (eventually with its own file extension) that you would then have to just email to your reader.

  • stilofilos

    After a quick first glance I, too like that one, and I will definitely look deeper into it.
    But at this moment i don’t see how you could interact with your reader if (s)he has extra questions or remarks.
    I mean, anyone can write a text and send the file back to you
    Plus in a notebook you can include images that you have previously annotated.
    Anyway thanks for sharing the info, that might well be useful indeed.

  • stilofilos

    @Rob (Down Under):
    Yes, well, they do have kind of a weird notion of a ‘portable version’… and they even let you make it yourself , it’s not on their website…
    Instead of just letting you extract and save to a custom folder, they insist on installing it on the c:/ drive first
    I first forced it to put it in the folder i made for it, but that did not work, so i had to reinstall it and just let it do…
    And then you have to make it copy itself to the folder you created for it (look in the menu : ‘tools’ / ‘copy program onto flash drive’) – after which it does not find some things that it did not copy … but no problem
    This way you do end up with some .ini files though , and everything is brought together in subfolders instead of in that stupid c:/ documents etc
    Of course, it omitted deleting those useless folders and files – and it left 28 registry things afterwards as well (they are all long perished in windows crashes since) …
    Portable they say !
    But it does work fine ! … even after such adventures.
    I did copy the whole folder to a usb stick as well, on which I’m making a little book for someone, and have it translated by her sister (it’s very nice to use unicode on it)

    If you use the registered (paid) version, you can make standalone .exe e-books indeed, but I’m using the free version and so could not try that out. Look for the einfiReader.exe in the program folder (and its own .ini), that is to be used to read them (already included in the download)

    I also know that Treepad can make standalone .exe books.
    But TreeDBnotes is much richer and much more fun to work with.
    What I also appreciate in it, is their multiple trees, and the rich tree editor to stylishly design tree items using color coding (any imaginable RGB values, gradients) plus your own icons and extra flags. And the different hyperlink types that you can also color-code according to your mood.
    Enjoy !

  • Mr.Dave

    @Rob (Down Under): I’m very impressed with Shawn’s idea of using Twine to create troubleshooting & help files. Your friends would only need a web browser to use your guide, and it can be pretty interactive without a big investment in time. Not sure how you host something like this (sorry, making web pages is something I haven’t learned about yet).

    This may not be the correct etiquette but this program was pointed out a few days ago by Shawn, here’s a copy of his post:
    Shawn January 5, 2013 at 1:57 AM (comment permalink) –

    Twine – Create your own interactive Story ;-)
    And it’s a freeware.


    I’m currently using this program to make a interactive pc troubleshooting guide.
    And a link for the DotTech page is here:

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I too love portable.
    (I mention the following as there are differing definitions out there)
    My definition of portable is – I create a folder say –
    And I place the downloaded EXE into that folder.
    There is no install, and any settings (eg INI) are created into that same folder.
    That is where my Keynote program is running from, so I got a portable version somewhere.
    I have used it once to create a Help file for a neighbor, explaining all the free software that I placed into his Laptop. It did that job well.

    I had briefly looked at TreeDBnotes 3. I then had installed version 4, but had not tried it out. Fired it up today and it looks impressive.
    Can you point me to a portable version of that ?

    PS On the subject of creating Help files for friends, I would like something like the two we are talking about, but the final Help file (or Tutorial, or whatever) that we create and send to someone, should be a standalone ‘EXE’ (or something). So that they can just run the Help file, and do not have to have a copy of the software we used to develop the Help file.

    PPS If it is portable, we could just send them the whole folder

  • stilofilos

    @Rob (Down Under):
    Thanks for the hint, I didn’t know that one yet.
    Looks virtually appetising indeed at first sight, altough I do prefer portable software. These .NET and other non-standardly-built-in windows extensions get lost at each windows crash, plus when working on an other computer that doesn’t have them installed …
    Plus at this moment I don’t see any added value in it for my use cases , and after already having migrated my books from Treepad and Rightnote, I’m not really eager to move them again if there is no stringent need to…

  • Rob (Down Under)
  • Ashraf

    @stilofilos: Thx, updated review.

  • stilofilos

    Thanks for pointing to this, Justin.
    But looking at the comparison table at their website, I think to understand that a lot of essential functionality (tree, categories, sticky notes, attachments, tables, url’s) will disappear after the 30 day trial period…
    Did you ever try TreeDBnotes ? Still my absolute favorite, even after trying a number of others. Its free version offers all the goodies you’d have to pay for here, you’d only pay usd 20 for password protection and e-book maker. It only has no sticky notes and background image, yet. But it lets you format hyperlinks (font, color, …) so that you finally get rid of that ugly blue underlined ‘design’ , and that, for me, is an unvaluable asset, too …
    As you say, they all have something different.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Thanks for the heads up, it may be the type of program that I am looking for.
    I am a bit wary of geeks baring gifts, that obviously took much development time.
    However when they ALSO have a Pro version, I can see why someone would give away something that took a lot of time to develop.
    When attempting to download the free version, McAfee Site Advisor nearly had a coronary
    Do you have McAfee Site Advisor ?