Is it a sofa or is it cake? …It is sofa cake! [Amazing Photo of the Day]

I will be completely, truly, 100 percent honest with everyone: Ashraf loves cakes. (Ashraf also loves talking about himself in third person, but that is a story for another hour.) Not necessarily all cakes — he is not a big fan of full, chocolate-only cakes or cakes with fruit — but he loves cake. If you are also a lover of cake, you will enjoy the following photo. Check it out:


…Wondrous foods like the above make me glad I’m not fat (yet).

[via Facebook]

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  • jayesstee

    @Ashraf: Calories are leeching off that cake/sofa just by looking at a pic. That’s how I got fat!

  • riya

    Aww… what a sweet little sofa! XD

  • Shawn

    Not a bad sofa… but looks too small for me I prefer some of the stuff made by the Cake Boss

    I’d order the biggest thing he could make and not share xD

    What can I say I’m a sugar addict…