eBay wants to help you sell your stuff in the real world, introduces two new offline tools


eBay is introducing two new pilot programs aimed at making it easier for you to sell your stuff. If you’re looking to sell things as quickly as possible, these methods might not be such a bad idea.

The first of which is an eBay “selling assistant” who will pick up the items and deliver them to an expert who will attempt to sell them. Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s because this method comes with a price — 25% of the proceeds to be exact.

The second program comes in the form of drop-off points in malls or other locations where you can bring your items and get a fixed price that’s based on their estimated value. If you find that the offer isn’t enough for you, however, the eBay assistant present at the location will give you advice on how to better list and price your item on the site so you can hopefully sell it that way.

For those eBay sellers that simply just wanna get rid of stuff or those that need to sell things as soon as possible, this service might just be what they were looking for.

[via All Things D, image via Ryan Fanshaw]

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