Samsung unveils Ultra HD TV with ‘revolutionary floating design’


Remember when Samsung was teasing us with a TV that has an ‘unprecedented shape and timeless design’? Well, it looks like Samsung has just shown us this timeless design and — it’s on an easel?

Samsung says that this ‘floating’ TV design can revolutionize home cinema. The screen can be rotated  freely and made to appear that it is floating in mid-air. Check out the announcement in the video below:

Besides the new design, the TV is of course an Ultra HD display, which is basically 4K resolution. It’s also 85-inches, making it one of if not the largest UHD screen out there. The easel-like frame, besides being there to allow you to rotate the screen, also houses the set’s speakers. The TV, named the UN85S9, will be released this March.

[via Huffington Post]

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