[Windows] Best free screenshot program — PicPick vs FastStone Capture vs Screenshot Captor vs Jet Screenshot

Screenshots allow for the capturing of your computer screen(s) as image files. Consequently, screenshot tools allow users to save parts of their screen when it isn’t as simple as right-clicking and selecting ‘save image as’. Screenshots are important for explanations and tutorials as well as software reviews, as can be seen from the screenshots included in the Best Free Windows Software category of reviews found right here on dotTech. Screenshot tools are also invaluable for documenting information found on web pages and are sometimes the easiest way of recording information from such a source.

The issue, however, is there are so many screenshot programs for Windows out there, it is hard to pinpoint the good ones. That is why we, after receiving feedback from dotTechies (thank you to everyone that participated!), have received the best screenshot programs and listed them for you here.

[Note: If you are looking for screen recording programs, check out dotTech’s review on best free screen recording program for Windows.]

This review is part of our Best Free Windows Software section. Check out more articles on the best free Windows programs from here.

Table of Contents

Best Free Screenshot Tool

Program Name: PicPickPickPick screenshot

Developer: NTeWORKS

Download Size: 8.72MB

Version Reviewed: 3.2.1

Requires: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/Server

Approximate Memory Usage While Idle: 23.2 MB


  • Several options for taking screenshots such as full-screen and scrolling window
  • Built-in image editor
  • Several sharing options including the sharing of images via Facebook and Twitter
  • Ability to set hotkeys to activate certain functions instantly
  • Allows for the saving of files to several formats
  • Very straightforward to use


  • Bulky main window
  • Free to non-commercial use only. Commercial users need to purchase a license.


PicPick is an excellent screenshot program which offers users a high level of functionality and, like FastStone Capture, covers all aspects of taking and managing screenshots. Take note that PicPick is also an image editor but we will only be focusing on the screenshot functionality and how the image editor part PicPick can be used to supplement that.

The screenshot options of PicPick are as follows:

  • Capture the fullscreen
  • Capture a specific window
  • Scrolling window capture (allows users to take a screenshot of window that has scroll bars and needs to be scrolled to see the whole page, such as a website)
  • Capture a rectangular region of the screen
  • Capture a fixed region of the screen
  • Capture a free hand region of the screen
  • Repeat the last capture

PicPick includes an image editor which allows for the adjusting of several aspects of the captured image. Users can:

  • Add text
  • Change the foreground and background colors
  • Add objects and text to the captured image
  • Crop the image
  • Resize the image
  • Rotate the image
  • Invert the colors
  • Change the color to gray scale
  • Pixelate the image
  • Blur or sharpen the image
  • Adjust the brightness/contrast of the image
  • Adjust the hue/saturation of the image
  • Adjust the color balance

PicPick also has comprehensive sharing options by offering users the option to share their images via Facebook and Twitter in addition to the following:

  • Share via email
  • Share via the web
  • Share via ftp

Additionally users can of course carry out the traditional saving of the image to their hard drives as .PNG, .PDF, .BMP, .JPG or as .GIF files. Users can also choose to send their screenshots to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint or to an external program. Users can also open files from windows explorer, copy images from the clipboard or copy images from a URL. Users also have the option of printing their screenshots from directly within the program.

I have found no significant issues with PicPick. One minor issue, however, is that unless operated via hotkey, the program’s main window is required to take screenshots which can be rather intrusive while selecting screenshot options. You  can also take screenshots by selecting the options by right-clicking PicPick’s system tray, but that can also be annoying. With FastStone Capture, features can be manually selected from its quite tiny main window (in addition to hotkey functionality), which is very handy.

It is clear however that PicPick is one of the most effective options for capturing screenshots available to users; it is both simple and filled with advanced features.

Runner Up

FastStone ScreenshotProgram Name: FastStone Capture

Developer: FastStone Soft

Download Size: 1.34MB

Version Reviewed: 5.3

Requires: Windows 98 and higher

Approximate Memory Usage While Idle: 8 MB

Note: FastStone Capture used to be completely freeware but is now shareware. If you want the latest version of FastStone Capture, you will need to purchase it. However, FastStone Capture v5.3 (the latest freeware version) is still available and is still an excellent screenshot program.


FastStone Capture is a powerful program which is capable of taking a screenshot in several different ways allowing the user to produce the highest quality and most suitable images easily.

All of the options needed for taking a screenshot are found in the tiny main window of the program. The options for taking screenshots are as follows:

  • Capture the active window
  • Capture a window/object
  • Capture a rectangular region of the screen
  • Capture a freehand region of the screen
  • Capture the full screen
  • Capture a scrolling window

Also found on the main window are the options for outputting the screenshot. Users can choose the following:

  • Output To editor
  • Output To clipboard
  • Output To file
  • Output To file (auto save)
  • Output To printer
  • Output To email

Users are also able to choose suitable watermarks/edges if desired as well as opt to include captions or the cursor( mouse ). The settings menu allow users to tweak the program by allowing for options such as the changing of hotkeys, the amount of dots per inch included in screenshots and choosing if to run the program at windows startup.

FastStone Capture is quite straight forward to use but clicking on the rightmost icon gives users the option to download a tutorial which is quite comprehensive  but very clear as it includes several visual cues in the form of — you guessed it — screenshots!

After actually taking a screenshot, users are given access to the FastStone editor which allows users to draw shapes on or add text to the image, add captions to the image, resize it, email it or print it among several other options. There is also a pan/scroll option as well as effects such as gray scale, sepia and negative. In addition adjustments can be made to the image such as resizing it, cropping it, reducing blur/sharpening, adjusting the contrast and brightness, adjusting the ‘RGB’ level, adjusting the hue saturation lightness and making the background transparent.

The only issue I have with FastStone Capture is that version 5.3 is the last free version of the program, which means that if users want to take advantage of the improvements made in later updates they have to pay up. This isn’t a bad thing, but after all, this review is on the best free screenshot program for Windows.

Overall, FastStone Capture is an excellent program and offers users extensive functionality and covers all aspects of taking screenshots.

Honorable Mention 1

Program Name: Screenshot CaptorScreenShot Captor Screenshot

Developer: DonationCoder

Download Size: 7.93MB

Version Reviewed: 3.08.01

Requires: Windows9x/2k/XP/Vista/7/8

Approximate Memory Usage While Idle: 13.5 MB


Screenshot Captor is a full-feature screenshot program with a wide variety of functionality and is designed in such a way that it  quite effectively manages screenshots.

The options for taking screenshots with Screenshot Captor are as follows:

  • Grab entire workspace (includes all monitors)
  • Grab current screen
  • Grab active window
  • Grab selected region
  • Grab fixed size region
  • Grab window or scrolling window
  • Repeat last grab
  • Grab screenshot of fullscreen

These features are quite similar to those found in both FastStone Capture and PicPick. However, Screenshot Captor also allows users to acquire images from scanners.

After capturing a screenshot, the program prompts users what to do next. Users can either discard the image, keep the image and show it in the editor, print the image, keep the image but hide it, copy the image to the clipboard, copy the image’s filename to the clipboard, email it or choose to upload it to the internet which is made possible by downloading additional software.

Screenshot Captor also features an image editor and allows users to carry out basic and advanced functions much like those found in the top 2 programs such as cropping, resizing, adding objects and text and adding effects such as blurring and pixelating the captured images.

The preferences section of this powerful program offers users an extensive amount of customizability and users can change options from choosing if to start the program with windows, change/edit their hotkeys or even set automatic captions.

One of the issues I have with this software is that although on its website it is stated that it allows for “the easy and automatic or on-demand uploading of screenshots to a wide variety of image hosting services (imageshack, flickr, ftp, etc.)”, on further inspection the downloading of additional software is required in order for this functionality to be utilized. Additionally the user interface comes across as being more cluttered and less user-friendly than that of PicPick and FastStone Capture.

Neglecting those issues, there is no denying that this a powerful screenshot program, and it was a very close call in picking a “Best Free Screenshot Program” as all of the top three are effective at their job of taking screenshots.

Honorable Mention 2

Jet Screenshot screenshotProgram Name: Jet Screenshot

Developer: ArcticLine Software

Download Size: 2.70MB

Version Reviewed:

Requires: Windows 98/Me/Nt/200/XP/Vista/7

Approximate Memory Usage While Idle: 12 MB


Jet Screenshot is yet another great screenshot tool which although not having as much functionality as PicPickFastStone Capture or Screenshot Captor, it will get the job done effectively.

The screenshot options offered by Jet Screenshot are as follows:

  • Capture region
  • Capture full screen
  • Capture window

One of the handy features of Jet Screenshot is its fast screen share option. It allows users to take a screenshot of the entire screen and provides users with a link which allows them to easily share their screenshots quite easily. Users can also capture images directly from the clipboard.

On capturing screenshots users are presented with an editor  which allows for text and objects to be added to the image and the sharing options are made available to the user. Users can choose to share their screenshots via the internet, copy them to the clipboard or save them to a file. The settings menu allows for the changing of options such as hotkeys and quality of image.

There are some issues that I have with Jet Screenshot however. It does not allow for the level of customization which the other programs do. For example, FastStone allows users to adjust options such as the delay before capture while Jet Screenshot focuses mainly on areas such as the hotkeys, image quality, watermarks and sharing options mainly. Also it does not offer some of the functionality found in some of the other programs reviewed, such as the scrolling window capture feature.

Jet Screenshot is, however, both lightweight and convenient, and offers the basic functionality needed to effectively take and manage screenshots as well as some more advanced features such as sharing via the internet. While, personally speaking, I feel PicPickFastStone Capture or Screenshot Captor are better screenshot tools, Jet Screenshot is still a viable option… especially if you like sharing screenshots easily.

Other Alternatives

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  • Mangap

    why not mention about snagit ?
    and I read that picpick have malware. please check

  • TeeJay

    [@Neil from Ohio]
    And please pray explain how you’re going to do that within a browser with scrollable pages? These tools offer the option to screengrab the full page, rather than what you see.

  • RobCr

    If any of you have not tried PicPick, YOU MUST

    You can add to the Pro’s – TABS
    Tabs will accumulate your captures, allowing you to come back a bit later to edit or save them.
    Tabs also handy, if things happen in other programs, and you wish a quick grab, for investigation later

    Regarding the con’s
    You can left click (as well as right click) the icon (near clock) to get the popup menu. EG to grab say a region. I use it for the grab choices instead of the hot key
    Regarding ‘bulky window’, which I suspect is hatred of flippin Ribbons (if I had a button to remove Ribbon developers from the planet, they would be gone) – there is a tiny down arrow on the right of the menus, which allow you to show/hide the ribbon. And also allows a few extra menus

    I repeat, if anyone out there, has not tried this program, YOU MUST

  • PrIyAnGsHu

    These are some really good screenshot taking apps for Windows. I’ve used FastStone Capture, it’s a good software indeed. However, I just ended up with Greenshot lately. It’s easy to use, free and have got everything you’ll seek in a screenshot taking program. Furthermore, there are many plugins that allows you to take screenshost within browsers, like Awesome Screenshot. You can check here – http://www.techaudible.net/take-screenshots-google-chrome-firefox ..

  • Walter007

    Contains nasty ADWARE/MALWARE that embeds into your system. If I can’t evaluate software without my system being hacked I definitely won’t buy – I am happy to buy CLEAN software only – developers stop adding crapware …… it’s a NO BRAINER!!!

  • Theobald

    Compared with the screenshot tool you have introduced above, I prefer using Free Screenshot Capture, it’s free to use for capture anything I want on the screen without the need of installing any application. http://screenshot.net/

  • Jasmine

    Anyone tried http://grabilla.com/
    I use this…. ^_^

  • Neil from Ohio

    The best screen capture program is: You press PrintScreen to capture the entire screen, or Alt-PrintScreen to capture just the current window.

    Then you open Irfanview, and paste the screenshot. Now you can do all the things with it that made Irfanview the best image viewer.

  • MegaManToo

    I have been using Fast Stone Capture and Snipping Tool, but neither of them are customizable enough to get them to do precisely what I want them to do.

    When I saw PicPick listed as the Best Screen Capture tool, I decided to give it a try. Finally, I have what I have been looking for. I can make PicPick do exactly what I want it to do and marry that desired functionality to the PrintScrn button on the keyboard.

    Now I can press one key in order to start the process and surround what I want with the mouse and capture it to the Clipboard. No more having to go all over the screen pressing buttons to activate the program and pressing more buttons to choose the desired functionality and then pressing more buttons to close the program.

    I don’t always agree with your choice of the Best, but in this case, I agree wholeheartedly. PicPick is indeed the best. I downloaded the Portable version, so I can take it with me when I go places.

  • eddy

    Screenpresso!!! Très bon choix, je l’utilise depuis plusieurs années, peu connu et pourtant

  • Unamericanize Your Internet

    There is only one screen capture tool, that’s MW Snap. You will love it.


  • Rob (Down Under)

    I am using ver 3.1.3 and I don’t see adverts.
    There are web sites where you can get earlier versions, if you are interested.
    And if it is ‘Kosher’ I could send you a copy of that installer ?


  • SilverDragonSys

    I was going to try the free version of PicPick but noticed that it contains adverts and 3rd party programs. You have to buy the paid verion to get a clean, uncrippled (non-bloatware/advert) version.

    And yes I consider shoving advertising in your face to be a very crippling effect on software. I don’t mind paying developers for their work, especially open source developers, but have come to resent developers that want to stick in a bunch of bloat in with their “free” versions.

    Just my 2 cents :)

  • RealBull

    Monosnap, it’s a new screen shot/recording tool.
    Check it out:


  • Rob (Down Under)

    For those that do like PicPick, but resent the fact that the Editor’s Ribbon hogs space (instead of giving you a larger viewing area of the image), there is an answer.
    If you click the tiny down arrowhead on the right of the menus, there is an option to hide the Ribbon.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I would not call PicPick intrusive.
    The Editor, I just treat as a buffer zone(area), where my screen shots accumulate (in Tabs, which I love). When I am ready, I bring it up, just to name and save the accumulated captures. I rarely edit those captures.
    Regarding capturing a Region, just press Shift PrintScrn.
    Great program, and very handy.
    PS I was pee’d off when they introduced the Ribbon, but I have learned to live with it (AKA ignore it). I still begrudge that it takes up space which I would prefer it did not. (If Bill Gates is a DotTech member, please take note that it is rude to steal working area space, without our permission.)

  • JC

    I’m not much for PicPick because it is just too intrusive and (IMHO) more bloated than I want my capture program to be. But I will be trying out some of these other options, and thanks for all the great reports.

    Mainly I just want to capture defined areas of the screen, or full, possibly just text too, but have little use for a full-blown integrated editor. It might be somewhat helpful to be able to crop and resize, but other than that I have other programs to do the more extensive work.

    Years back I had a very nice capture program installed, that seemed to do it all, short of a full-blown graphics editor. But removed it at the time for lack of use, and now I can’t remember what it was, or where I got it. (?)

    Seems it may have been Hypersnap, but I’m just not sure.

  • Janet

    I had the same problem when I switched to Win 7. Try going to FSCapture.exe>Properties>Compatibility tab, and try different options. I had to put it into compatibility with Win XP-SP3 before they had a Win 7 option, and it got my printing back.

  • David

    Faststone Capture has been excellent for me over many years.
    However, since loading Office 2010, printing has not worked.
    Eliminated OneNote which seemed to be an issue but still not printing.
    HELP please!!

  • stilofilos

    @Rob (Down Under): Interesting info, thanks a lot. This stuff is completely new to me. I just installed it and will surely experiment with it in the coming days. I’m not so much interested in saving complete pages, but it looks like letting you single out individual elements , which might avail more flexible than using screenshots indeed, i.e. if I can integrate them in TreeDBnotes then.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I don’t use those capture programs to save browser pages (never tried)
    Whenever I save a web page, I used to use .MHT (Saved all in a single File, that most browsers can open, even off line).
    For the last couple of weeks I am using the .MAFF extension – Mozilla Archive Format
    It is brilliant, and also saves the link to the real page for you.
    Hear is the history of the world (saving web pages) –
    . . .
    Original approach was to save either a .htm file (lacking images) or a .htm file with an accompanying folder of images (that folder had same name, but had _files on the end of the folder name). Having two parts was a PIA
    . . .
    MS invented .mht which was a single file, which was an improvement. FF had an extension available unMHT which allowed creation of .MHT files.
    . . .
    Mozilla now have an extension of their own. That .MAFF extension actually uses the original two part concept, but it zips it into a single file. That zipped file is called .MAFF, and FF looks after it so you don’t have to peer inside.
    But if there is a nuclear war, and Mozilla gets wiped out, you can still get to your .MAFF files. You can extract the contents using say 7Zip, and you have the .HTM file, with it’s accompanying _files folder.
    . . .
    “Now who could argue with that” (Blazing Saddles in the Church, after the saddle bum speaks incoherently for a few minutes)

  • stilofilos

    @David: @Rob (Down Under):
    Do you use Firefox ? The more recent versions of that one (since 7 i believe) are causing scrolling problems for all screen capturers with me too, that don’t occur in any other source, even not in older firefox versions…
    Looks like firefox is auto-selecting the wrong object.
    If I need a scrolling shot, I switch to FF 3.6 , there they all work nicely. Annoying, but you get the wanted result.

  • David

    Just tried Hypersnap.. scrolling tried, but not successful. Also offers ‘Textcapture’ – which is now overtaken by new standards (it says).

    Screencaptor is incredibly complex for scrolling capture.. offering several methods to attempt it. Then the user has to test and inspect its efforts at assembling the images captured.

    That still leaves Duckcapture.. note: on this site, it duplicated the bottom part of ‘submit, reddit’ down the left margin- probably each time it made a partial image.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Thanks I will check that one out.
    I too have never had a good scroll.

  • David

    Scrolling capture: the only reliable one I’ve found that REALLY works every time is

    Duckcapture (freeware).

    I’ve tried various editions of PicPick, and Ashampoo, maybe more.. but to capture all – or to the bottom- of a browser window- only this one works for me.

    Ok, no editor..nothing fancy..it’s clean, simple, and it works.

  • 1warlock

    Lightscreen is a great free capture program.


    Lightscreen is a simple tool to automate the tedious process of saving and cataloging screenshots, it operates as a hidden background process that is invoked with one (or multiple) hotkeys and then saves a screenshot file to disk according to the user’s preferences.

  • Michael

    I’ve been using Screenpresso(free version)with Win 7 64 Bit for a few years.
    Would be nice to see a write up about it.

  • Ashraf

    @AFPhys: You are welcome, glad you like it! In all fairness, though, William wrote this excellent review — give him some love :-)

  • midwest guy


    Faststone Capture works just fine in Windows 7. It’s been my favorite screen capture app for years.

  • Tom

    For low overhead, and basic functionality I prefer Shotty.

  • AFPhys

    Thanks for including “memory used while idle” to the review!


    Excellent review and review concept! Thanks.

    I am also happy that even after the review, some readers are adding their thoughts and preferences, and even new options.

    I will add to that practice by adding: a program that didn’t make the cut for good reason, Irfanview’s screenshot capability has an option to automatically do a “picture” of that window or screen every (say) 20 seconds- something I don’t know others will do, but might come in handy for some people.

    Perhaps I will find that FastStone and PicPick will do the same when I have installed and checked them.

  • Mags

    @tuiruru: It does work on Win 7. Don’t know about Win 8 though, and never will since I will not install it on my PCs.

  • Kelltic

    I’ve been using TNT since I got it – years ago – on GOTD. I didn’t know it was free now. :)

  • Ashraf

    Thanks everyone for your feedback, comments, and suggestions. This article has now been updated to a review of Best Free Screenshot Programs. Enjoy!

  • Hamza

    My favorite is PicPick, it is a screenshot taker and image editor plus some other useful tools in one package.

  • RealBull

    But it is NOT as good as FastStone Capture. Sorry, I don’t want to mislead anyone.

  • RealBull

    Hi everyone, I posted my picks earlier on this blog, but I want to add one more cool tool.
    Please check out SnapCrab by Fenrir who make the Sleipnir browser add-on for Explorer.
    It kind of reminds me of of FastStone Capture.
    Check it out:

  • Eric989

    @Mr.Dave: For screen captures within Firefox, I have been using Abduction! for a while now. It can save all or part of a webpage including individual frames. I can’t remember if I have tried FireShot before.

  • Ashraf

    No need to go elsewhere for FastStone Capture, simply head over to http://dottech.org/5238/the-best-free-screen-capturescreenshot-tool/ to grab it.

  • james


    Old Version of FastStone Capture 5.3 (2007) it was FREE back then.

  • FastStone Screen Capture is excellent, but it’s NOT freeware — it’s SHAREware.

    The licence agreement says: “FastStone Capture is shareware. You may try it free for 30 days. Once this 30-day period has expired, you must either purchase a license to use this software, or uninstall it from your computer promptly.”

    The current price is 19.95 USD.

  • riya

    My choices are-
    1. Picpick
    2. Ashampoo’s Snap 4 or 5 (they are not freewares but they held giveaways like every 2 months :P)
    3. Screenpresso

  • Rob (Down Under)

    “What we’ve got here is (a) failure to communicate” (‘Cool Hand Luke’)
    “We are going to need a bigger grid” (Jaws)
    I will concede that some of our needs could be quite different, so some individuals will favor special capabilities, rather than what appeals to the majority.
    So if those with special needs don’t mind, I suggest the rest of us agree on a list of ‘must haves’ (essentials) that must be present in our main capture program.
    Some of us might like to also be running a 2nd program, such as Snippy that allows us to do a 2nd grab and paste it into our first grab, but I will ignore 2nd programs for the moment.
    Back to our main capturing program, let me propose an essential.
    Surely (Airplane) every time you do a capture you don’t want to stop what you are doing to Name and Save each capture ? ? Wouldn’t it be convenient that you could let the captures accumulate, and then you can get back to them when you are free, to Name and Save them ?
    So I propose one essential is that the program has Tabs (or another temp storing ability like ScreenshotCapture)
    PS Do you roger that Roger (Airplane) for something else I could dream of ?

  • Harry44Callahan

    Agree with the FastStone. Tried most all others.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Pickpic is still my go to, and I use FastStone (last free) quite a bit as well.

  • Arie Widodo

    check SnapaShot, portable, 108 kb, simple.

  • james

    does as it says, the whole web page not just the screen.

    captures the screen shot.
    both are free.

  • Years on and I’m still using the last FREE (for home and educational use) of Firestone Capture – Ver 5.3

    It’ll do scrolling windows, has an editor and comes in a portable version as well.

    Description and downloads available here:

    Works on everything up to and including Vista. I haven’t tried it on Win 7 or 8

    (PS: The only little thing that annoys me is that when I want to draw an arrow on the captured image, I like the first bit of the line to be the arrow head, and the last bit of the line to end up where the arrow is coming from (just a personal preference). FSC does it the other way around – where you end the line is where the arrowhead is.)

  • johnmw1

    1. ScreenShotCaptor
    2. Picpick
    3. MWSnap 10 years old but still functional and simple.



  • First is Screenshot Captor as seen at http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Mouser/screenshotcaptor/index.html I have known about this tool for years but just installed it recently when my old tool PrintKey 2000 stopped working right. You do have to register to get a key at Donation Coder but that is a small price to pay for it’s power. The new beta even allows capturing your screen into a video for demonstrations. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.

    Now on to a few more, to check out.

    Gadwin PrintScreen http://www.gadwin.com/printscreen/
    Capture.NET http://fishcodelib.com/Capture.htm
    WOLFCODERS ScreenSnag http://www.wolfcoders.com/screensnag/index.php
    Shotty http://shotty.devs-on.net/en/Overview.aspx
    ZScreen http://code.google.com/p/zscreen/

  • Checked out TNT – good but doesn’t come close to Ashampoo Snap 4 – ANOTHER QUESTION OFF TOPIC – I have been using PhraseExpress – also a great program, but lately instead of inserting the wanted text, another line of text is inserted instead asking me to upgrade to the Pro version – this additional text has to be deleted and the required text may then be inserted by the program. Is there an alternative to PhraseExpress that anyone may know of?

  • Hi Ashraf,

    That, I don’t know.

  • Ashraf

    @Roger McKeon: Does it do scrolling windows? I took a look at the website but couldn’t find any information about that. Ability to capture scrolling window is key because all other types of screen capture is available in most all programs.

  • I am somewhat surprised that no one seems to mention TNT (http://www.tntscreencapture.com/), which I consider to be the free sceen capture program closest to HyperSnap (http://www.hyperionics.com/, $ 39.95). TNT offers the following…

    Capture windows, controls and free areas
    Capture main menus and floating menus
    Resize images without distortion!
    Annotate screenshots with text, arrows and callouts
    Emphasize important details of your screenshot
    Powerful image manipulation tools included

    Photorealistic 3D rendering is as easy as 1-2-3

    What else could you dream of?

  • mizdoc

    FastStone Screen Capture….been using the last free version for years. Tried the rest; returned to the best (imho). So many options to choose from in this great program

  • Janet

    I’ve used all of them but came back to FastoneCapture because it is the most reliable by far on scrolling captures. It also has very nice annotation tools, which incude dropshadows for the annotations e.g. for lines, arrows squares, etc. This makes the annotations stand out very nicely from the capture.

  • hjs

    My favorite ist still Faststone Capture (last free version) because of its handy capture bar.
    Picpick also has a capture bar but you need more clicks to get there…

  • Mary

    have to agree with RealBull on this one. My favorite is Gadwin Systems PrintScreen.

    I keep trying out all the others that get recommended (including ones that have been posted in here by others)
    but I keep going back to Gadwin. It is easy to use, gives me the option to select the desired area to “grab” and gives me the option to save a shot my way or their way. I can also place my screenshots in a selected folder, just keep it on the clipboard, or both.

    I’ve had it for so long, that I don’t know what the free version comes with anymore, but when I got it, it came with GE Forms and Diagram Studio. (neither of which I really use, but hey, they came with it, for free!) Now I see you have to pay for some of them.

    The free version now is 4.7. So, be sure you download the free one and not the Pro version.


  • stilofilos

    My favorite is still Faststone Capture (yeah, still using the last free version) as it also handles freehand and scrolling areas, and it includes a very nice editor as well.
    But at its side I always have Screenshot Pilot open for its very handy tabbed interface and easier switching between save to file or to clipboard.
    And sometimes I even grab the meanwhile defunct Easy Capture for its rotation in user defined degrees , and its halftone filter.
    Pickpic is also very nice, but no added value for me compared with Faststone (and the color picker, ruler etc I have in an other set). If you drop Faststone for not being free any longer, then Pickpic is definitely a favorite as well.

  • BGM

    +1 to the very first post. Screenshot Captor: free, full featured, and the authour is readily available over at Donation Coder if you find bugs or have suggestions. I have made several suggestions in the past, and Mouser always listens. It also comes with an auto-updater, and now will allow you to capture screen videos, too.

  • sl0j0n

    Hello, all.
    I gotta’ go w/ “AFPhys” on this;
    IrfanView, hands down.
    Its *so* fast,
    hit PrtScn,
    click IrfanView (pinned 2 taskbar),
    name & save, *if* keeping it,
    Takes like *3* seconds maybe.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbors!

  • Anita

    The free Snipping Tool of microsoft to capture screen shots.
    Types of snips:
    – free-form
    – rectangular
    – window
    – full-screen

  • Mr.Dave

    Another vote for my favorite: Ashampoo Snap (free version). If you want a great tool within Firefox, get Fireshot (free and pro versions available), handy for capturing entire web pages. I also use XnView a lot, and its screen capture has an option to capture the screen after a set delay – giving you time to set menus, etc., the way you want.

    I like this idea of getting input from the community before a review! Will the review include a link to all the comments in the initial posting?

  • mukhi

    @Ashraf: if you talk about win7, snipping tool does the std. job; otherwise FSCapture portable is my fav; version 5.3 is still free and better than many other (even paid versions of) software.

  • Ali

    Another vote for PicPick.
    Features I like about this software:
    – a WIDE range of functionalities.
    – possibility to customize capture keyboard shortcuts
    – a great built-in editor
    – user-friendliness in all aspects
    – a portable (portableapps.com) version

  • I have been using Ashampoo Snap 4 for a long time now and I could not do without it! It does everything I could possibly want and more including capturing video and sound. I can annotate the captures and add text and highlighting, etc. This program has proven invaluable to me in my business (Country Computers CANADA) – I highly recommend it and suggest that you do not waste your time with inferior substitutes.

  • AFPhys

    Great Concept!

    I don’t use screenshot very much. Irfanview works well enough for me getting basic screenshots of sections of screen, but it doesn’t provide many bells and whistles I have seen other programs have. Its strength is that I don’t have to add another program to my puter.

  • Been using Lightshot for years, quick, simple and effective, capture screen or any part of screen.

  • Steve

    Faststone Capture is so good I bought it after more than a year of using it every day. Try the last free version if you can find it. Also tried PikPick, but found Faststone a more convenient tool. Already owned the Ashampoo screen capture tool, but abandoned it for FastStone.

  • Me

    The free version of Screenpresso is also very good. It can capture the whole screen, a window or a part of a window. You can also select a rectangle to capture or capture a scrolling window.

    When a window is captured, it will clean the aero glass so you can’t see other windows or your desktop through the glass.

  • Eric989

    I’ll give additional votes to PicPick and ScreenShotCaptor but I would like to add Shotty if you want a more basic tool.

  • Steinit

    I have always been pretty happy using the last free version of Fastone.

  • Arpi

    In my opinion the best program is the smolest end doing only one thing: copy the screen!
    PURRINT is one of them for FREE. It’s old but good till Win7 (x32&64).
    You find it here: http://www.bcheck.net/apps/purrint.htm
    or google it.

  • RealBull

    Nice topic. I used Greenshot and Gadwin Printscreen free version. I used Gadwin Printscreen for years when I used XP and changed to Greenshot when I had Vista. After that I tried a free version of Ashampoo Snap which I thought was very nice, too. While Ashampoo Snap is not usually free, you can get a free license of the older version.
    But since I started using XnView and discovered it has a built in screen capture, I have no need for these tools and uninstalled them. Another screenshot tool I saw that looked interesting, but did not install is SnapDraw.

    Greenshot: getgreenshot.org/
    Gadwin: http://www.gadwin.com/download/
    SnapDraw: http://www.crossgl.com/asc_overview.htm

    Here is a link to Ashampoo Snap 5 for a free license and some other offers, too. If the coupon code is not already in the blank field, it is “gimmeagift” without quotes:

    Ashampoo Snap 5: http://www.ashampoo.com/en/usd/lpa/gift?c=gimmeagift


  • Rob (Down Under)

    I have Screenshot Captor installed, but have not used it. Just checked it out.
    Two points worth mentioning –
    1) It does not have Tabs, but may be able to be used in a similar manner, as the captures are accumulated and shown in a List on the left.
    2) It is from DonationCoder, so I assume (cannot remember) that you’all should make a one time donation to Donationcoder, as I have described in post 10 on this page –

  • Tom

    @barney: I’d add another vote for Screenshot Captor. I’m mostly a basic out of the box user. Random nice features are:
    ability to splice out selection // *Very* flexible in terms of how it’s used // Pixelate (instead of/as well as blur) // Copy file path // Nice efficient scanning features. [There’s also a new simple ‘screencaster’ that integrates with SC – havent used it myself.]
    Only con for me (and it’s not big) is the UI for annotation – I find editing annotations unintuitive, & I do it seldom, so tend to forget how it works…
    There – a mini-review for you already ;-)

  • Rob (Down Under)

    PicPick is the most convenient for me, viz because it has Tabs, and can cheerfully collect a series of captures, for my later attention (Meaning I can have half a dozen captures that I have not yet named or saved)

  • Ashraf

    Adding my suggestions to the list:

    >>PicPick (excellent, excellent tool — easy to use and full of functionality)
    >>FastStone Capture (latest freeware version — another excellent, easy-to-use tool but is no longer developed as freeware)

  • barney

    ScreenShotCaptor, http://www.donationcoder.com/forum/index.php?board=34.0, is the most capable screen capture tool I’ve ever used. It does have a bit of a learning curve, mostly because it is so flexible, but it’s well worth a short study to illuminate its many capabilities. However, it works just fine “out of the box”, as it were.