[Android] Baidu Browser is a simple and fast browser app

baidu_1While Google Chrome for Android is probably the most-used browser in the ecosystem, having choices and healthy competition is always a plus. Baidu is a new browser that aims to provide an alternative to the most popular choices. This app is perfect for those who like having a lot of variety and choice when it comes to the apps they use.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Baidu Browser is an internet browser for Android. Baidu totes simplicity and speed as number one priorities. Above that, it simply aims to serve as a practical alternative so user don’t feel committed to a specific browser.


  • T5 engine technology
  • Simple video browser
  • Game browser
  • Directory index
  • Easy-to-access search


  • Buggy due to age (is a new app)


baidu_2With Android app development so popular, there is a wealth of potential web browsers a user can use, some more popular than others. For the most part, most of these browsers look and behave similarly. Baidu attempts to offer a unique browser that hopes to be a refreshing relief from the monotonous interfaces on typical browsers. Its extreme simplicity is its claim to fame which consequently translates to faster performance. The browser uses familiar gestures in completely unique ways to achieve some actions.

Baidu boasts its use of T5 engine technology, but the advantages that it provides are really unproven. Baidu includes unique browsers for viewing videos and playing games. This can be incredibly convenient because there are central locations to view specific content. Opening the app greets you with a unique directory browser and gives you easy access to the search feature with one tap. Additionally, you can use two-finger scrolling to exit a page, switch windows left and right, and to open a new tabs

The most obvious downfall of this app is that it is incredibly young. As a result, there a little, annoying bugs  occurring quite frequently. Most of these will be solved over the course of development. However, the app itself can use quite a bit of resources on your phone, making it incredibly buggy and hard to multi-task with. Most impotently, the simplicity and minor change of interface is nice, but even the touch gestures aren’t enough to entice most users to abandon their current browser.

Conclusion and download link

For the most part, if you aren’t dissatisfied with your current browser choice, then there really isn’t a reason to try Baidu. At it’s current stage, it is far too buggy to be used as a daily driver. However, the refreshing interface and useful touch gestures could be appealing for some so perhaps once the bugs are ironed out, then this app could gain some serious ground. Unfortunately, the market for alternative browsers is incredibly small as there are some big players that soak up most of the user-base.

Price: Free

Version reviewed:

Requires: Android 2.1 and up

Download size: 2mb

Baidu on Play Store

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