[Windows] Freemore Audio Video Suite provides dozens of audio, video, and image tools in one program

Freemore Audio Video SuiteFreemore Audio Video Suite is one of those programs that has it all…well, in terms of audio and video and image that is. The program contains a ton of different tools that allow you to back up, share, create, and even enhance your video and audio files. It even comes with a YouTube downloader and an image converter.


Main Functionality

Freemore Audio Video Suite is a do-it-all like program. If you are looking to convert, download, edit or burn audio and video files, this is the program for you. In truth, the program does so much that it is hard to cover it all. Either way, it is nice to see all of these programs bundled together in one program.


  • Converts audio files between popular formats
  • Allows you to record and edit audio files
  • Comes with a YouTube downloader to help pull videos from YouTube
  • Can convert videos between popular formats  to make them easier to play back on portable devices
  • Comes with image tools that allow you to create slide shows, create animated GIFs from videos, and convert between formats
  • Ability to stream TV and radio
  • Can be used to create ringtones for your phone
  • Audio and Video file combiner
  • Can create and rip CDs and DVDs
  • Create and rip ISO files from discs
  • Offers “Scan to PDF” abilities
  • Can merge and split PDFs
  • …And more


  • Caused my anti-virus system to detect a “Virus” despite coming up clean on VirusTotal. More than likely a false positive, but worth pointing out.
  • DVD ripper won’t bypass DRM protection.


freemore_audio_video_suite_3It is almost impossible to cover everything that Freemore Audio Video Suite does. In fact, once you open up the program, it is almost overwhelming. Thankfully they have everything broken up into easy-to-understand categories. At the top of the program you will see a series of tabs. Clicking on a tab, like the YouTube tab, will bring up other options related to that category.

Now, as I already pointed out, this program does a lot, so it would be nearly impossible for me to try out all of the program’s features. However, I will talk a bit about the features I was able to try. This does include downloading videos from YouTube, converting video and audio files and making my own animated GIF.

All of the features I tried worked well. Downloading from YouTube went quick, and I was even able to convert the video to whatever format I wanted. Speaking of converting, I was able to successful convert WAV files to MP3, as well as convert AVI to FLV. Although there are tons of other conversions available, these were the only ones I tested out.

Freemore Audio Video Suite ScreenshotPlease note that the program does a lot more than what was listed here. I noticed while going through the features that it can also stream audio and video, burn CDs and DVDs and even create ISO images. In short, this program offers enough features to keep you coming back for more.

I would like to take the time to point out that my anti-virus system did pick up a threat while trying to install. I was able to move the threat over to my “chest” to avoid it being released on my computer. I would be interested to hear if any of you experience the same problem while attempting to install this program. It may just be a false positive since VirusTotal did not find any threats, but it is worth pointing out.


Freemore Audio Video Suite is a program that shocked me. Usually when a program offers all of these different abilities, they tend to be lacking. However, for a free suite, this programs works great. If you are looking for a program that can do any of the things listed above or your computer is overrun with programs that do only one of these tasks each, you may want to give this program a try. At the very least, it could help free up room on your computer by clearing out other programs that would be made redundant.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 3.4.1

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Download size: 30.6MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/45

Is it portable? No

FreeMore Audio Video Suite homepage

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  • Shawn

    RelevantKnowledge Cleaning steps



    Not your fault… people just don’t read … however I did create a cameyo portable of this software with the malware so should anyone be interested in where all the files are installed including all the registry keys that we’re touched I’ll post it on the forum should someone have a use for the information.

    But the link on top that indicates what needs to be cleaned should be fine.

  • @ap0si0pesis: I am sorry to hear that you had malware in your software. I, however, did not have any problems with the download. I cannot warn people about something that I did not experience myself. Also, if you checked reviews for this software elsewhere (like you said you did) and still decided to download it, I assume that they did not say anything about malware either.

    This is because it is impossible for me or any other reviewer, to 100% guarantee that a program is not going to have malware in it. As you have seen, despite running it though different programs and checking reviews, you can never really be sure. That is why I count on feedback from users like Mr.Dave and others. DotTech thrives on user feedback like that.

    Once again, I am sorry to hear that you had problems. Everyone’s experience always seems to be different, and all I can do is report how mine was.


  • ap0si0pesis

    @Mr. Dave ~ I very much appreciate your recommendations of additional antimalware I should run before I decide to install software in the future.

    However, do not underestimate me: I took many precautions before downloading this malware ridden software: I ran the files through Kaspersky, Iobit, Comodo and others, also I searched online for reviews before I installed… Unfortunately, I decided not to Sandbox…

    My sincere appreciation and respect for Ashraf’s excellence in the quality of his work and his high standards began long ago. I’ve been Ashraf’s follower since the days when his thorough reviews @ giveawayoftheday would determine many users’ decisions whether to install the offered software or go for his alternative suggestions.

    Therefore, my immense disillusion when on Ashraf’s own site, a malware ridden software infected my computer and is still posted as “recommended”, when at this point it is obvious it shouldn’t be…

  • Mr.Dave

    @ap0si0pesis: In my experience, I am responsible for my own actions, no one else. As I’ve said on here before, loading a program onto my PC is no different than inviting a stranger into my home. Even a stranger recommended by a friend, or a relative of someone I know. I trust DotTech and Softpedia and GiveawayOfTheDay much more than I trust Symantec or Trend Micro or Adobe. That doesn’t give any of them a free ride.

    Before installing I’ll run a program through VirusTotal. Before visiting a web site I don’t trust, I always check it with Google’s Safe Browsing Diagnostic (easy to access through NoScript in Firefox). If I still have doubts, I’ll do a general search on Google. More and more, if I find the software is from China I stop right there, no matter how much I might have wanted the program. I can scan things with MalwareBytes Antimalware and IObit Antimalware and a few others.

    There’s ALWAYS a risk because how I use my computer, what’s loaded on it, what browser I use, etc., is ALWAYS going to be different than what any reviewer has available for testing. ALWAYS.

    I like the idea of running in a sandbox, but don’t in this particular case I don’t like the idea of downloading and installing 200 MB of “drivers” every time I run the program.

    Who’s minding the site? I am. Many others as well. You had better be watching too. I fully appreciate the work that goes into DotTech and know how impossible it is to make sure a Recommended program is safe for everyone. I’m not sure it’s their job, they don’t make enough money to hire a staff of testers and a maintain a bank of PCs with different configurations. This is a community where people need to speak up when there’s evil underfoot, and also speak up when there’s something great to share. I think the community does very well on this, it’s why I keep coming back!

  • ap0si0pesis

    You have no idea how very unhappy I am… I just wasted almost an hour getting rid of malware installed by this software…

    It is surprising to me that DotTech’s Justin would recommend this program when it is obvious there’s a problem with malicious crap downloading with it.

    You’ve got several complaints right here indicating DotTech readers experienced malware/virus problems associated with this “recommended software”.

    I assume responsibility of going ahead and downloading albeit I read the complaints. However, I believed someone was minding the site and maybe the issue had already been corrected, since it is still appears as a “recommended software”.

    Who’s minding the site? What is up with quality control, trust, etc?

    Anybody there? Anyone at all?

  • Shawn


    This is a perfect example of a program that I would recommend using a sandboxed environment if the tool is great but may be a bad apple at the same time I just isolate the program do the job with it and then clean the sandbox.

    The 200mb is probably just as bad as the k-lite codec packs too many for too little work.

  • Mr.Dave

    Excerpts from Google’s “Safe Browsing Diagnostic” for the site:

    “This site is not currently listed as suspicious.
    Part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 1 time(s) over the past 90 days.
    …the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2012-12-17.
    Malicious software includes 14 virus.”

    Program looks very good, but you wonder how they make money for something as nice as this. A check with VirusTotal won’t look at all the stuff it downloads (program is 36 MB, but site says you need 200 MB free to download “drivers”). I’m staying away for now, hope it turns out to be a reliably clean program in the future!

  • carlb

    My Virus checker, F-Secure, blocked access to this site, and rated it as harmful. Is it possible that it results from the false positive mentioned in the review above?


    You sure you reviewed v3.4.1? The latest on their site is v3.2.2.

  • AFPhys

    I typically do NOT like “all-in-one” programs, but that this offering has a video>animated.gif feature has me interested in checking it out a bit more.

  • Jeanjean

    Thanks for the review.