Car smashes into Apple Store in Chicago


In one of the more bizarre Apple-related stories recently, shoppers at the Lincoln Park Apple Store in Chicago got the quite surprise when a car decided to drive into the store — by crashing through the store’s front glass wall.

While the car managed to smash one of the display tables into a wall and litter the floor with glass shards, nobody was seriously injured in the accident. There was also supposedly no sign of snow on the ground outside the store, so it’s still not clear how the driver managed to drive off of the street and into the store. Maybe he hates Apple that much? Maybe it’s the opposite and he refuses to use anything but Apple Maps?

Either way, the important thing is that nobody was seriously hurt. Drive safe, everyone!

[via The Verge, image via RGR3 (Twitter)]

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  • Grantwhy

    Probably the driver was parking the car and instead of putting their foot on the brake they accidentally put their foot on the accelerator.

    And thanks to the way the human brain works, when the car started moving faster they put their foot down harder on the ‘brake’.

    It happens *shrug*

    and it will happen regardless of the driver’s age.

  • I opened the newspaper tonight and it said, “Ashraf Arrested”! So I figured they caught the culprit in Chicago.

    (Or, maybe not…

  • JMJ

    @Enrique: Yes. You missed the part where etim sends me round-trip, first-class tickets (Either four or five-star hotel accommodations included, is okay.) to the European country of his/her choice for me to renew my International Driver’s License so that I can put his/her safety concerns to rest. No need for restaurant arrangements because, I’m sure, he/she will insist I dine at his/her home. :-)

  • Enrique

    What an interesting discussion this has led to. Haha.

    Okay, putting it together seems like the best way to do it. Euro-style test every 5 years, and if you can pass the test in that vehicle then you can drive it! Did I miss anything??

  • JMJ

    @etim: With gas prices as they are and getting only 9-miles/gallon, I can’t afford to drive it. Takes me half a year to save up enough to fill the 27-gallon tank. I just go to my garage, look at it and sigh! :-(

  • etim

    @JMJ: Cool. If you can pass the exam in it, drive it.

    Though the exams in the US are way too easy. All retesters should have to pass a Euro-style exam every 5 years–there’d be a lot less lousy drivers of all ages out there.

  • Mike

    @JMJ: Good for you, JMJ–I’m so tired of the age-ism that society readily accepts nowadays. Replace the phrase “x years old” in many stories with a race or religious affiliation, or female gender, and people would scream bloody murder. Likewise as to body size–on late night television, it seems to be fair game to make fun of large/overweight people. Sad, and inexcusable, to see.

  • JMJ

    @etim: Okay. Just as long as you’re not gonna force me to trade in my newly self-rebuilt, high-compression, fully bored out, dual-point distributor, dual six pack, 1972 Cougar XR-7 351 Cleveland engine for a moped, I’ll agree with you.

    Even old(er) folks sometimes feel the need for speed, ya know. :-)

    I personally promise you, etim, I will not treat every store as a drive-thru.

  • etim

    @JMJ: Not an assumption–the driver’s advanced age was reported in other media.

    And you’re right Ashraf–ALL ages should be retested– you don’t have to be old to be impaired.

  • jayesstee

    @JMJ: Thank you.
    Now where do I get the money for my ” Lamgorghini Urus” (with extra power, tuned engine)? Surely not by robbing an Apple Store?

  • JMJ

    @etim – Why do you make such assumptions about the driver’s age? Seventeen years old is the most dangerous age at which to drive, according to an AllState Insurance Company study of 2010. I wonder, at what age is the balance between judgement, experience and reflexes the best?

    @Enrique – I’m confused. Do you or do you not want to make people of a certain age trade in their vehicles for motorized walkers? Or maybe, Segways with holders for their Geritol and Oxygen? ;-)

    Personally, I KNOW driving would be safer for everyone if the maximum horsepower of a vehicle any person can legally drive is determined by the result of multiplying his/her age by ten. That is:
    17 x 10 = Micro-mini Cooper
    30 x 10 = Mini-van
    50 x 10 = Dodge Viper
    70 x 10 = Lamgorghini Urus

    Take that, you young whippersnappers. :-p

  • Ashraf

    LMAO at Apple Maps comment and @mukhi
    @Enrique: A test every X years could possibly work. A test just targeting the elderly would be shot down so hard, you’d hear about it across the world.

  • etim

    Test every FIVE years! It’s frightening how rapidly a person’s health and abilities can diminish with age–especially when combined with illnesses, physical and mental impairments and multiple drug therapies.

  • Enrique

    @etim: You’re right! But to go off the road like that is still pretty worrying. Despite the glass front of the store, it’s still not part of the road. Haha.

    And I agree. Maybe a test every 20 years? Or a test when you become a senior citizen, something like that.

  • etim

    It wasn’t mentioned here, but the driver was elderly and probably didn’t even “see” Apple’s somewhat invisible building!

    Yet another example of why the US needs (but refuses) to put an end to our drivers’ “license for life” policies. Once you get a driver’s license in most states, you never have to retest/re-qualify ever again.

  • Bruce Fraser

    Re: “he refuses to use anything but Apple Maps?”

    Ha ha! Good one.

  • mukhi

    possible reasons:
    # a disgruntled customer who was not allowed to buy 5 phones from the store
    # an apple fanboy who never used anything but apple maps
    # an apple fanboy who became bankrupt after buying all apple devices, and therefore, attempted suicide
    # a competitor salesman who wanted to stop one day of apple sale in that store
    # that apple store manager who wanted to make news about apple and his store

    well, i am just kidding…