Window washers dress up as superheroes for children at hospital [Amazing Photo of the Day]

There are dozens (hundreds?) of different cultures, religions, belief systems, etc. around the world. However, there is one thing most — if not all — people will agree upon: children getting sick is bad. So almost anyone can appreciate when, to help cheer up sick children at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, window washers dress up as superheroes. Check it out:





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[via MyModernMet]

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  • riya

    I agree with jayesstee too. Those guys are really great! I hope many more come up with such wonderful ideas :)

  • Mike

    Ditto–what a wonderfully sweet idea for the window washers to do! Would love to see this go viral in application, and for washers all over to be doing this–

  • JMJ

    I heartily second jayesstee.
    Great find, Ashraf. I’m mass mailing links to this article.

  • jayesstee

    What a great thing for them to do. Helps restores your (or mine at least) faith in human nature.
    Thank you for sharing, Ashraf.